Minutes Wed 17 Sep 1919

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Wed 17 Sep 1919


Agreement with Board of Trade as to their taking over control of canal sealed and duly attested.
Canal Association asked for names of representatives willing to serve on proposed panel of experts and persons of commercial experience to assist Minister of Transport on matters affecting canals. Mr Jack Margetson nominated with Chairman.
Stroud Electric Supply Co applied for permission to lay fresh electric cable on crown of bridge at Dudbridge, under footpath. Permitted on condition that proper Agreement should be drawn up by Company’s solicitors at expense of applicant.
Private L Pockett, tidesman at Framilode, applied for increase in wages. Mr Snape to see him and report.
Mr Snape applied for advance in salary for himself and Mr Humphreys. Clause in Agreement with Board of Trade prevented any increase of salary to Manager. Chairman to write to Mr Sidney Preston, Chairman of Canal Control Committee.

Verbatim text

[1919 Sept 17] Committee Meeting held at Wallbridge on Wednesday the 17^th day of September 1919 @ 3.20 o'clock pm
Present: Philip Jas Evans, F A Little, W R Bloxam, S S Marling, A J Morton Ball, Edward P Little.
The Chairman reported that the agreement with the Board of Trade as to their taking over the Control of the Canal had been sealed and duly attested.
The Canal Association had written to ask the Company to suggest names of representatives who would be willing to serve on a proposed panel of experts and persons of Commercial experience formed to assist the Minister of Transport in matters affecting Canals and the Committee nominated Mr Jack Margeton with the Chairman for this purpose.
The Stroud Electric Supply Company had applied for permission to lay a fresh Electric Cable over the Crown of the Bridge at Dudbridge (going under the footpath) to which the Chairman had provisionally assented. After discussion the Committee decided to permit this on condition that a proper Agreement be entered into drawn up by the Company's Solicitors at the expense of the applicant.
Application had been made by Private L Pockett the tidesman at Framilode for an increase in his wages. Mr Snape was instructed to see him on the subject and report to the next meeting of Committee.
Mr Snape applied for an advance in salary for himself and Mr Humphrey's but in view of a clause in the Agreement with the Board of Trade apparently preventing any increase of salary for the Manager it was decided that the Chairman should write Mr Sidney Preston Chairman of Canal Control Committee and learn whether the Clause in question would operate in this case.
The tonnage to September 16 was £332..2..10 comparing with £372..15..3 to same date in 1918 and £450..18..4 in 1914.
Credit balance at Bank stood at £90..12..5 only as compared with £315..8..8 at same date last year.
Ordered that the next Committee Meeting be held on Wednesday the 22^nd day of October @ 3.30 o'clock pm and the General Half Yearly Meeting on the same day @ 5 o'clock pm.

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