Minutes Wed 22 Oct 1919

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Wed 22 Oct 1919


Death of Sir William Marling Bart. On Committee of Navigation for 39 years. Expression of cordial sympathy to be sent to family.
Counterpart of agreement with Board of Trade signed by Sir Wm Francis Marwood received.
Mr Bloxam to deal with question of new Agreement with Stroud Electric Supply Co. for permission to run new cable over Dudbridge Bridge.
L Pockett’s application for increase of 10s a week in wage agreed. Further duties beyond present ones.
Letter from Dockers Union requesting advance in rate of wages. Mr Snape to learn what they really wanted and to find out how authorities of other canals were acting in similar case.
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[1919 Oct 22] Committee Meeting held at Wallbridge on Wednesday the 22^nd day of October 1919 @ 3.20 o'clock pm
Present: Philip Jas Evans, Edward P Little, W^m Davies, W R Bloxam, F A Little.
The Minutes of the last Meeting of the Committee were read and confirmed.
Reference was ,made by the Chariman to the death of Sir W H Marling Bart, who had been on the Committee of the Navigation for 39 years and who when able had been a constant attendant at the Board Meetings and whose judgement and experience has been of the greatest assistance. It was resolved that an expression of cordial sympathy be sent to the family of their late colleague.
The counterpart of the agreement with the Board of Trade signed by Sir W^m Francis Marwood had been received.
The question of a new agreement with the Stroud Electric Supply Company for permission to run a new Cable over the Dudbridge Bridge was discussed and it was left in Mr Bloxam's hands to deal with.
L Pocketts application for an increase of 10/- a week in wages was agreed to it being understood that he was quite prepared to undertake further duties beyond his present ones.
A letter had been received from the Docker's Union requesting a further advance in rate of wages. Mr Snape was instructed to learn what they really wanted and to find out form the authorities of other canals how they were acting in similar cases.
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