Minutes Wed 22 Oct 1919

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Wed 22 Oct 1919


Continuation from page 4 https://stroudwaterhistory.org.uk/document/9831/.
Repair work at Westfield Lock arranged.
Mr G M Taylor’s offer to buy house at Wallbridge declined.
Increase in salaries of Mr Snape and Mr Humphreys by 16s 6d per week from 1 September. Same terms as other County Officials, one moiety of £60 per annum and 20% on present salaries to begin on 24 June.
Mr Dudbridge explained working out of Accounts. Decision to adjourn half yearly meeting of shareholders until result of government control realized.

Verbatim text

[From page 3] The repair work at Westfield Lock had been arranged for and a stoppage of four days would have to take place.
An offer on the part of Mr G M Taylor to buy the house at Wallbridge now in the occupation of Mr Lee was considered and declined.
In response to the application by Mr Snape and Mr Humphreys the Canal Control Committee had agreed to increase the salaries of both applicants by 16/6 per week as from September 1^st and the County Council had acceded to their request to be put on the same terms as the other County officials viz - one moiety of £60 per annum and 20% on previous salaries by to begin on June 24^th.
Mr Dudbridge attended and explained the working out of the A/c as called for by the Board of Trade and it was decided to adjourn the half yearly meeting of the Shareholders until later when the result of Government Control shall be realized.

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