Minutes Mon 17 Feb 1845

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Mon 17 Feb 1845


Gates at Junction not in workable order. Capt Clegram to have them repaired during summer stoppage.
Mr C O Cambridge spent 5s on the Walk Bridge. Paid sum as equivalent to ground rent due at 1s per annum for five years.
Samuel Adams' application for payment of fixtures at Ship Inn and shed erected against wall. Fixtures valued and charged to incoming tenant. £5 for shed.
4 applicants to rent Ship Inn and carry on coal trade at Wallbridge Wharf: Mr Bevan Smith, farmer and corn dealer of Harescombe; Mr William Merrett employed in Pin Manufactory at Lightpool; Mr Jos Cottle, shoe maker of Dudbridge and Mr Will Knee of Wallbridge, barge owner and coal dealer. Let to Mr Knee for £25 per annum. Mr Knee to pay Poor Rates and all taxes. Not allowed to sell or land coals, salt, timber or other merchandise on Stroud wharfs of T&S Canal without permission. Shed and buildings erected by Samuel Adams and garden ground adjoining wharf house garden not included. William Knee to lock up wharf gates at night and open them in morning. Portion of wharf for him to land his coals, etc. Usual charge for wharfage. £5 off rent for selling more than 1500 tons of coals, £10 for 2000 in a year.
Mr Gainer to erect pen on Stonehouse Wharf. £1 per quarter.
Letters from Mr Howard Luckcock, Chairman of Subcommittee of Worcester & Birmingham Canal Co. re petition to House of Commons re comparative charges of goods and passengers on railways.

Verbatim text

At a Meeting of the Committee of the Stroudwater Navigation held at the Committee Room at Wallbridge on Monday the 17th day of February 1845
Present: M^r Will^m Fryer, G H A Beard, Jn^o Stanton, Jn^o Holbrow, W^m J Wood Chairman, Geo Wathen, Fred^k Eycott, Rich^d Martin.
M^r Fryer reported that he and M^r Gurney had not selected the Bye Laws but they are requested to do so against the next Meeting.
M^r Sherwood reported that the Gates at the Junction are not in workable order, and that Capt Clegram had promised to have them put into proper repair, when our usual summer stoppage takes place.
M^r Wathen reported that nothing had been done respecting the Walk Bridge but that it should be looked into before the next Meeting.
A Letter having been read from M^r C O Cambridge respecting the repair of the Walk Bridge and stating that he had expended Five Shillings on the said bridge,
Ordered that he be paid the said sum as an equivalent for the ground rent due from him at One Shilling per An^m for five years such rent appearing to be due from him up to this period.
Samuel Adams having made an application for payment of the Fixtures at the Ship Inn and for compensation for the Shed erected against the Wall,
Ordered that the Fixtures be values and charged to the incoming tenant and that Five pounds be allowed him for the Shed.
The following persons made application to rent the Ship Inn and carry on the Coal trade at Wallbridge Wharf:
M^r Bevan Smith, Farmer and Corn Dealer of Harescombe
M^r Will^m Merrett a person employed in the Pin Manufactory at Lightpool
M^r Jos^h Cottle, Shoe Maker of Dudbridge
M^r Will Knee of Wallbridge, Barge Owner & Coal Dealer.
It was resolved to let the Ship Inn on the following terms to Will^m Knee:
Rent £25 per annum to commence from the 25th day of March next, payable half yearly. W^m Knee to pay Poor Rates and all Taxes. The Taking to terminate at any Quarter by giving Six Months Notice on either side. Will^m Knee to take to the hous Fixtures at a valuation. Not to be allowed to sell or land Coals, Salt, Timber or other Merchandise on the Stroud Wharfs of the Thames and Severn Canal without permission. The Shed and Buildings erected by Samuel Adams and the piece of Garden ground adjoining the Wharf House Garden not included in his taking. Will^m Knee to lock up the Wharf Gates at night and open them in the morning and a certain portion of the Wharf to be allotted to him for landing his Coals, etc, but nevertheless to pay the usual charge for Wharfage. If W^m Knee should sell more than 1500 Tons of Coals in any one year ending the 25th of March £5 to be allowed him from his rent and if it should exceed 2000 Tons £10 to be allowed.
Our Solicitor to prepare an agreement founded on the above terms.
M^r Gaines having applied to M^r Sherwood to erect a pen on Stonehouse Wharf,
Ordered that M^r Sherwood do communicated to M^r Gaines that the Company do not object to his doing so at his own expense in such place as M^r Sherwood may point out. M^r Gaines to be charged £1 per Quarter and to quit at a quarter's notice at any time.
Two Letters having been read from M^r Howard Luckcock Chairman of the Sub Committee of the Worcester & Birmingham Canal Company relative to a Petition intended to be presented to the House of Commons respecting the comparative charges of Good and Passangers on Railways and requesting to learn the views and intentions of this Company on the subject,
Ordered that an answer be sent to M^r Luckcock thanking him for his communication intimating that this Company will adopt the Petition and forward it to some member to present to the House and requesting him to furnish us with all further information on the subject which he may possess and especially as to the best time of laying it before the House of Commons - the length of the Stroudwater Canal is eight Miles and Cost about 40,000.
Ordered that all Bills be brought in by the next Committee Meeting.
The following Bills were ordered to be paid:
Cliffe & C^o: 4^£
Tho^s Harrison: -..1..6
D Hoskins: -..1..2
Jn^o Andrews: -..1..8
Jn^o Dimock: 1..12..6
Gubb: -..3..2
Bushell: -..4..11
H Howell: 3..7..2
Fred Nurse: 1..15..6
[Above to be paid in one cheque] 7..7..7
Tho^s Harper: 9..12..10
Cha^s Hawker: 20..-..-

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