Minutes Wed 16 Nov 1921

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Wed 16 Nov 1921


Clerk of County Council enquired if any reduction made in wages of Stroudwater employees. Company had never paid full advances demanded and had not made any reductions.
Mr E T Ward wrote that it was time tolls and rates on canal were reduced or traffic would fall off. Suggested rebate of 1s a ton on all over 4500 and under 6000 tons a year to them and 1s 3d a ton on 6000 to 7000 tons. If waterway were thoroughly cleaned, it would make 1s a ton difference to boatowners.
Mr Snape to ascertain quantities of coal conveyed over canal by Messrs Ward, Smart, Smith and Andrews. Meeting of Committee to consider question to be held on 23 November.
Secretary of Millowners Association asked for subscription from Navigation to carry out much needed reparation of the brook. Donation of £5 agreed.
Stroud Urban District Council request for permission to convey clinkers from their Refuse Distributor by Motor Lorry over Gas House Bridge refused.
Reply from Ministry of Transport alllowing present rates to be continued till 15 February 1924.
Stonehouse Parish Council complained of condition of metalling on bridge over canal there.

Verbatim text

[1921 Nov] Committee Meeting held at Wallbridge on Wednesday the 16^th day of November 1921 @ 3.20 o'clock pm
Present: Philip Jas Evans, W^m Davies, Edward P Little, W R Bloxam, Gd Evans.
A letter had been received by the Chairman from the Clerk of the County Council enquiring if any reduction has been made in the wages of the Stroudwater employees to which reply had been made that this Company had never paid the full advances demanded and up to now had not made any reductions.
Mr E T Ward had written to the effect that in his opinion it was time the tolls and rates on the Canal were reduced or the traffic would fall off and suggesting a rebate of one shilling a ton on all over 4500 tons and under 6000 tons a year to them and one shilling and three pence a ton on 6000 to 700 tons. He further stated that if the waterway were thoroughly cleaned it would make one shilling a ton difference to the Boatowners.
Mr Snape was requested to get out the quantities of coal conveyed over the Canal by Messrs Ward, Smart, Smith and Andrews and another meeting of the Committee should be held on teh23^rd to consider the question.
A letter from the Secretary of the Millowners Association was read in which a subscription from the Navigation was asked in order to carry out much needed reparation of the brook and it was agreed to give a Donation of £5..-.
The Stroud Urban District Council had written for permission to convey Clinkers from their Refuse Distructor by Motor Lorry over the Gashouse Bridge but the Committee decided against.
The Chairman had received a reply from the Ministry of Transport stating that the present rates may be continued till Feby 15 1924.
The Stonehouse Parish Council had complained of the condition of the metalling on the Bridge over the Canal there. The was being attended to.
Tonnage from 1^st July to 15^th Nov amounted to 534..12..7 compared with 448..0..7 in same period last year and 411..10..8 in 1913.
Bank Credit A/c was 327..11..11 against 309..9..8 last year and 317..4..1 in 1913.

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