Minutes Fri 7 Mar 1845

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Fri 7 Mar 1845


As Gloucester Corporation are not objecting to South Wales Railway nothing to be done at present. Subcommittee to watch South Wales Railway proposal.
Pen at Wallbridge Wharf for Mr William Helme to land coals.

Verbatim text

At a Meeting of the Committee of the Stroudwater Navigation held at the Committee Room at Wallbridge on Monday the 17th day of March 1845
Present: M^r Will Fryer, Rich^d Martin, G H A Beard, Geo Wathen, Jn^o Gurney Chairman, W^m J Wood, Fred^k Eycott.
Ordered that the Bye Laws selected by Mess^rs Fryer and Gurney be printed copies.
Ordered that the question as to the Walk Bridge be still considered.
Ordered that Will^m Knees Agreement be properly executed before the next Meeting.
M^r Gurney reported that he had during the week seen M^r Whitcombe respecting the proposal discussed at the last Special Meeting of giving £100 towards the expenses of opposition to the South Wales Railway; that it was doubtful whether any further opposition would be made by the Gloucester Corporation on such scheme.
Ordered that nothing further at present be done in the matter.
Ordered that a Pen be made on Wallbridge Wharf for M^r Will^m Holme to land his coals on.
Ordered that the Seal of the Company shall not be affixed to any Document except in the presence of three of the Committee.
Ordered that the next Half yearly Meeting be held on Friday the 25th day of April next at 1 O'Clock in the Afternoon.
That a Sub Committee be appointed for the purpose of watching the South Wales Railway and to take such proceedings in respect thereof as such Sub Committee shall deem fit.
That Sub Committee do consist of Mess^rs Geo Wathen, W^m J Wood, Will^m Fryer, Rich^d Martin, Fred^k Eycott and Kn^o Gurney, any thre to form a Quorum.
Ordered the following Bills be paid:
Repairs of Canal: H Howell: 3^£..11^s..9^d
W^m BishopL 17..8
D Hewlet: ..8..6
H Dangerfield: ..-..8 Total 5^£..1^s..7^d
Mess^rs Geo Wathen & C^o: 16..-..6
Ja^s Sherwood: 20..-..-
Jn^o Burbidge: 10..-..-
Cliffe & C^o: 1..6..-
Ja^s Nurse: 6..-..-
Edwin Cooper: 7..17..6
Paul Tuffly: 2..10..-
J P Brisley: ..19..5
Fred^k Eycott: 10..-..-

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