Minutes Fri 25 Apr 1845

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Fri 25 Apr 1845


Half Yearly General Meeting. Tonnage £3582 8s 11d. Balance after wages, etc, £3061 6s 10d. Dividend of £15 declared.
Mr Sherwood to ascertain whether stop gates at Junction work properly.
Increase of £20 on Mr Hawker's salary approved.
Committee for next year: Mr John Holbrow, Mr John Stanton, Mr Fred Eycott, Mr Geo Wathen, Mr G H A Beard, Mr William John Wood, Mr John Gurney, Mr William Fryer, Mr Daniel Watts.
Mr Mason’s bankers note on his depositing bond.

Verbatim text

At a General Half Yearly Meeting of the Proprietors of the Stroudwater Navigation held at the Committee Room at Wallbridge on Friday the 25th day of April 1845
M^r Will Jn^o Wood in the Chair.
The Minutes of the last General Half Yearly Meeting were read and confirmed.
The several Books and Accounts of the Company were produced as directed by Act of Parliament and were examined and confirmed.
It appears that the sum of £2582..8..11 had been received for Tonnage, etc, from the 30th day of September 1844 to the 31st day of March 1835 a part of which has been applied towards the payment of Wages Disbursements, etc, and there remains in the Treasurers hands after paying the last Dividend the sum of £3061..6..10.
Ordered that a Divident of £15..-..- on each Share be declared.
Ordered that M^r Sherwood do ascertain correctly whether the Stop Gates at the Junction will work in a proper manner.
It was proposed by M^r Wathen and seconded by M^r Martin that an increase of £20 per an^m be made to the Salary of M^r Cha^s Hawker in consideration of the expense of Coals Candles Rates and Taxes and of the great attention invariably paid by him to the Affairs of the Company.
Carried unanimously.
Moved by M^r Gurney and seconded by M^r Rich^d Hawker
That the Committee to be elected for the ensuing year shall consist of Ten members only.
Amendment moved by M^r P H Fisher and seconded by M^r Sam^l Fisher
That the Committee for the ensuing year shall consist of Thirteen Members.
Original Motion carried.
The following Gentlemen were chosen as a Committee for the following year:
M^r Jn^o Holbrow, Jn^o Stanton, Rich^d Martin, Fred^k Eycott, Geo Wathen, G H A Beard, W^m Jn^o Wood, Jn^o Gurney, W^m Fryer, Dan Watts.
M^r Mason attended and requested to have the Bankers Note now deposited in the hands of the Treasurer restored to him.
It was proposed by M^r Gurney and seconded by M^r Eycott
That M^r Mason's Note should be restored to him on his depositing the Bond already entered into or one signed by himself alone to be prepared by our Solicitor.

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