Minutes Thu 1 May 1845

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Thu 1 May 1845


Subcommittee meeting. Mr. Gurney to go to London to attend meeting of Canal Proprietors and see Mr Hunt re South Wales Railway

Verbatim text

At a Meeting of the Sub Committee of the Stroudwater Navigation held on Thursday May 1st 1845
Present: M^R Jn^o Gurney, Dan Watts, Will^m Fryer.
M^r Gurney's letter. Mess^rs Hunts remarks on the Clauses sought to be introduced in the South Wales Bill was produced and read.
A Circular from the Canal Proprietors at Osborne's Hotel London having also been reduced.
Ordered that M^r Gurney do go to London for the purpose of attending the Meeting at Osborne's Hotel and also to see M^r Hund on the subject of the South Wales Railway.

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