Minutes Mon 19 May 1845

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Mon 19 May 1845


200 copies of byelaws and penalties to be printed.
Mr Sherwood to put Walk Bridge in temporary repair. Responsibility for repairs to be determined.
Mr Willson submitted views of Thames & Severn Canal Co on amalgamation of two canals.
Mr John George of Brimscombe requested extension of credit on coals taken up to Brimscombe for stock. Proper security to be given.
At request of Mr Cambridge repair of towpath gate at Walk Bridge. Repair belongs to Gloucester & Berkeley Canal Co. Mr Sherwood to contact Captain Clegram.
Renting of house at Stonehouse at £10 and half wharf at £4 10s proposed by Robert Thompson and Thomas Croome Dacencey. Robert Thompson selected.
James White and Crook applied as tenant of house occupied by James Cottle. Crook of Dudbridge selected.
Report of Mr Sherwood on information given to Mr Walker, the Admiralty Engineer and Capt Vidal respecting tides and currents in Severn. Traffic and other matters in reference to plan of crossing river by means of two bridges, one at Hock Crib and the other at Framilode. £20 gratuity to Mr Sherwood.
Letter to Samuel Critchley following complaint made by Mr Sherwood of ill feeling between Sherwood family and Critchley family causing annoyances. If similar complaint is made against him or family, he will be required to quit house,

Verbatim text

At a Meeting of the Committee of the Stroudwater Navigation held at the Committee Room at Wallbridge on Monday May 19th 1845
Present: M^r Will^m Fryer, Jn^o Holbrow, Dan Watts, G H A Beard, Fred^k Eycott Chairmand, W^m J Wood, Geo Wathen.
M^r Hawker produced the Certificate of the burial of Capt Felix.
Ordered that 200 Copies of the Bye Laws as extracted by the Sub Committee and also the Penalties referred to in the Act of Parliament be printed.
Ordered that M^r Sherwood do put the Walk Bridge in temporary repair until such time as it shall appear certain to what party the Bridge belongs and that M^r Sherwood be directed to communicate the same to Capt Clegram.
Ordered that our Solicitor do take proper steps to obtaim from M^r Jn^o King of the Ryeford the rent due from him.
M^r Willson attended on the part of the Thames & Severn Canal Company to submit his Views with regard to an Amalgamation of the two Canals.
M^r Hawker reported that M^r Jn^o George of Brimscombe had requested an extension of credit on Coals taken up to Brimscombe for Stock.
Ordered that an answer be communicated that there will be no objection to the extra credit being afforded on proper Security being given.
M^r Sherwood reported that he had at the request of M^r Cambridge repaired the Towpath Gate at the Walk Bridge the Committee are clearly of opinion that the repair in question properly belongs to the Glocester and Berkeley Canal Company and M^r Sherwood is desired to communicate this our opinion to Capt Clegram.
The following parties attended being desirous of renting the House at Stonehouse Wharf now occupied by Tho^s Clark:
Robert Thompson of Nupend wishes to take the house at £10 and half the Wharf at £4..10 per an^m.
Tho^s Croome Dacency of Stonehouse also would be glad to have the House and Half the Wharf on the same terms.
Robert Thompson was selected as a proper person to occupty the House and enter on his tenancy the 24th day of June next. An agreement to be drawn by our Solicitor in the usual terms.
James White of King Stanley offer'd himself as a tenant for the House lately occupied by Jos^h Cottle.
Crook of Dudbridge was also an applicant.
The Selection was determined in favor of Crook.
A Report from M^r Sherwood having been read, stating the several occasions on which he has afforded information both by himself and others to M^r Walger the Admiralty Engineer and Capt Vidal respecting the Tides and Currents of the Severn, the Traffic and various other matters having reference to the plan of crossing that River by means of Two Bridges one at the Hock Crib and the other at Framilode either of which would tend very much to impede the free and open Navigation of the Severn and thereby very much injure the Stroudwater Canal.
Resolved that a Gratuity of Twenty pounds be presented to M^r Sherwood for the earnest zeal he has (?carried) in protecting the Rights and Interests of this Company.
M^r Sherwood made a complaint of annoyances he has received from some of the family of Sam^l Critchley at Chippenham Plat.
Ordered that the following letter be written to Sam^l Crithcley:
I am directed by the Committee of the Stroudwater Navigation to inform you that a complaint has been made by M^r Sherwood relative to several annoyances he and his family have met with since they has been living at Eastington which he considers were in a great degree from an ill feeling there appears to exist on the part of some of your family against him and the Inmates of his house.
The Committee are determined to uphold the Authority of all their Officers and you will therefore take Notice, that if a similar complaint be made either against you or any member of your family or those frequenting your house at any future period you will be required to quit the House you now occupy.
Cha^s Hawker
Clerk to the Stroudwater Navigation
Dated May 20th 1845
The following Bills are ordered to be paid:
Jn^o Dimock: 1..15..-
Gen: Half yearly Meeting: 9..10..8
Jn^o Burbidge: 10..-..-
Cha^s Hawker: 25..-..-
Ja^s Sherwood Gratuity: 20..-..-
Repairs to Canal: Sam Critchley ..19..3
Dan Hoskin: ..14..7
R Bushell: ..13..6
H^y Howell: 6..6..3
W^m Bishop: 1..5..4
Total: 9..18..11

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