Minutes Mon 14 Jul 1845

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Mon 14 Jul 1845


Subcommittee meeting. Solicitor to take requisite attempts for opposing South Wales & Monmouth & Hereford Railway Bills. Mr Wood's opposition. Neither bill contemplates crossing of River Severn. Needless incurring of ill feeling of public. Original motion carried.

Verbatim text

At a Sub Committee Meeting of the Stroudwater Navigation held at the Committee room at Wallbridge on Monday July 14th 1845
Present: M^r Dan Watts, W^m J Wood, G H A Beard.
Our Solicitor represented to our Clerk that having perused again the former Resolution of the Sub Committee of May 30th he doubted whether such resolution in terms authorised an opposition in the House of Lords to the South Wales and Monmouth and Hereford Railway.
Proposed by M^r Beard and seconded by M^r Watts,
That our Solicitor do take all such Steps as are requisite for effectually opposing such Bill, he having represented to our Clerk that it would be without any further expensed to this Company.
M^r Wood opposed the Resolution because an opposition on the part of this Company to the South Wales and Monmouth and Hereford Railway Bills neither of which contemplate crossing the river Severn would needlessly incur more of the ill feeling of the Public and appear exceedingly veatious.
The original Motion carried.

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