Minutes Mon 21 Jul 1845

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Mon 21 Jul 1845


Crown of Walk Bridge repaired.
Robert Thompson’s rent reduced to £14 10s as a smaller proportion of wharf had been allocated to him.
All rents collected except for Frederick Nurse £16 10s and Henry Moore £2 5s.
Thomas Clark requested £5 for doors and windows.
Mr Sherwood to recover £5 5s from Charles James.
Letter to George Perry re £3 15s due.
William Knee allowed to erect stable on Wallbridge Wharf at his own cost.
Mr Hyatt asked about tonnage of timber brought from Bristol, landed at Dudbridge, and conveyed to Tetbury. Mr Sherwood to see Mr Brown the builder at Tetbury to ascertain likely trade.
South Wales & Monmouth & Hereford Railway Bills do not require further watching. Subcommittee dissolved.

Verbatim text

At a Meeting of the Committee of the Stroudwater Navigation held at the Committee Room at Wallbridge on Monday July 21st 1845
Present: M^r Will^m Fryer, Jn^o Holbrow, Dan Watts, G H A Beard, Rich^d Martin Chairman, W^m J Wood.
M^r Sherwood reported that the Crown of the Walk Bridge had been put in repair.
Ordered that the Walk Bridge and all the repairs appertaining thereto be taken into consideration by the Committee on the day of Inspection.
M^r Sherwood reported that he had not seen M^R Jn^o King of the Ryeford relative to his rent, but he was directed to do soe without delay.
M^r Hawker reported that the agreement with Rob^t Thompson has bee prepared by our Solicitor in which the rent is stated at £14.10 per annum.
Ordered that in consideration of the smaller portion of the Wharf being allotted to him than was originally agreed upon the above sum be reduced to 12^£..10^s per an^m.
M^r Hawker reported that James White's agreement for renting the house at Dudbridge had been signed and that he had taken possession
M^r Hawker reported that all the Rents due to the Company at Ladyday last had been collected except the following: Fred^k Nurse £16..10 who had promised to pay this week. Henry Moore £2..5..- respecting which M^r Hawker was desired to write to him saying that if it was not immediately paid legal proceedings would be taken.
Tho^s Clark £5..- who attended and wished something to be allowed for certain doors and Window which he had put in.
Ordered that he do pay the rent in full and that if the Committee on the day of Inspection consider he is entitled to any allowance, the same will be made.
Cha^S James £5..5..-. Ordered that M^r Sherwood do take immediate steps to recover the same by distress or otherwise as may appear to him most judicious.
George Perry £3..15..0. Ordered that M^r Hawker do write a letter to him on the subject.
Will^m Knee applied to be allowed to erect a Stable on the Wallbridge Wharf at his own cost.
Ordered that the accommodation be afforded him under the superintendence of M^r Sherwood.
A Representation was made on the part of Jn^o Hyatt relative to the tonnage of Timber brought from Bristol and landed at Dudbridge and conveyed to Tetbury.
Ordered that M^r Sherwood do see M^r Brown the Builder and Others at Tetbury relative to the trade of that place and obtain the best information on the subject and report the same to our next Committee.
Ordered that as the South Wales and Monmouth and Hereford Railway Bills do not require further watching before Parliament the services of the Sub Committee be dispensed with.
Ordered that the 12th of August be the day for surveying the Canal.
Ordered that the following Bills be paid:
Jn^o Burbidge: £10..-..-
Rob Miles: 14..3..-
Martin Washboure & C^o: 6..6..-
Fred^k Nurse (Repairs of Canal): 8..13..6

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