Minutes Tue 12 Aug 1845

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Tue 12 Aug 1845


Annual inspection of Company’s boat.
Defective state of embankment at foot of Foundry Lock to be made good by ragstone wall instead of piling.
Frederick Nurse complained too much of his wharf taken away and asked for a reduction in rent. James Nurse asked for more frontage. Part of wharf appropriated to public only sufficient to accommodate two barges unloading at same time.
Wall next to fields at Double Lock bulges so that water runs in stream behind.
Surveyor to give notice to all persons whose shrubs, trees and hedges overhang canal.
Sedges need cutting on sides of canal.
Thomas Clark to be allowed for door leading from kitchen to the parlour in house at Stonehouse Wharf.
Bridge at Ocean to be put in good state of repair.
Lower gates of first three of Five Locks seriously out of repair.
Heel of lock gate next to dock wants repairing.
Floor of dock to be repaired by being pitched with weather stone.
Two step ladders wanted at dock, one at each end.
Plank in gate next to bridge below dock wants repairing.
Curb stones of Lower Lock against Severn require to be new set. They overhang the wall.
Quick fence to be planted on lower side of piece of land opposite the Lower Lock. The wooden fence there sufficient to secure it until grown up.

Verbatim text

At a Meeting of the Committee of the Stroudwater Navigation held on board the Company's Boat on Tuesday the 12th day of August 1845
Present: M^r Will^m Fryer, Jn^o Holbrow, Geo Wathen, San Watts, G H A Beard Chairman, Rich^d Martin, W^m J Wood, Fred^k Eycott.
In Consequence of the defective state of the Embankment at the foot of the Foundry Lock, the Surveyor suggested that it be made good by a dry Ragstone Wall instead of piling, which the Committee recommend.
Frederick Nurse complained that too much of his Wharf had been taken away under the alterations made at the Wharf at Dudbridge and also that his rent is too high and asked for an abatement.
James Nurse complained that too much of the Wharf at Dudbridge was taken away from him and asked for more frontage. But it appears to the Committee of Inspection that the part of the Wharf which is appropriated to the Public is only sufficient to accommodate Two Barges unloading at the same time.
The Wall next the Field at the Double Lock requires some consideration as the water runs in a considerable stream behind it, and the Wall appears bulged in consequence.
The Surveyor to give notice to all persons whose Shrubs, Trees and Hedges overhang the Canal.
The Sedges want cutting on the SIdes of th Canal.
The Committee recommend that Tho^s Clark be allowed for the Door which he had put up leading from the Kitchen to the parlour in the House at Stonehouse Wharf.
The Committee also recommend that the Bridge at the Ocean be immediately put in a good state of repair.
The Lower Gates of each of the Tree first of the Five Locks are seriously out of repair.
The Heel of the Lock Gate next to the Dock wants repairing.
The Floor of the Dock requires to be repaired by being pitched with Weather Stone.
Two Step Ladders are wanted at the Dock. One at each end.
A Plank in the Gate next to the Bridge below the Dock wants repairing.
The Curb Stones of the Lower Lock against the Severn require to be new set; they now overhang the wall.
A Quick Fence to be planted on the lower side of the piece of land opposite the lower lock; the wooden Fence there now set up appears to be sufficient to secure it until grown up.

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