Minutes Tue 11 Jun 1776

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Tue 11 Jun 1776


Dimensions of vessels reported to the committee -
Owner – Pool = 69ft 10ins long including rudder by 15ft 4ins wide.
Trader to Bristol = 70ft 1in by 15ft 7ins.
Bewdley vessel = 69ft 8ins including rudder at right angles by 16ft 2ins.
Wing walls of lock to be immediately executed, and tail from the wing walls be piled.
A smith to be appointed to fashion the ironwork for Framilode Lock and attend the hanging of the gates. Mr Pashley promised to finish the lock gates within one month.
No servant of the company may sell or lend any material or tools belonging to the company.
Thomas Howell to be employed as smith to the company.
Mr Bough proposes to deliver stone for bridges and stop gates at 20% less than other proposals.
Anthony Cooper to be paid 3 guineas for 18 months rent of his quarry in the Forest of Dean.

Verbatim text

At a Meeting of the Committee held by Adjournment at the George Inn in Stroud on Tuesday the 11^th Day of June 1776
Present: Timothy Lewis in the Chair, Thomas White, William Knight, John Hollings, Joseph Wathen, James Winchcombe, Durley Wintle, Thomas Baylis, Freame Arundell, Benjamin Grazebrook, Robert Ellis.
Read the Minutes of the Last Meeting.
Ordered That M^r Thomas White be desired to write to his relation at Birmingham to wait upon the Birmingham Committee to enquire into the Character of M^r William Wright whether they think he is an Honest Man, and to be intrusted and has Abilities to Survey a Canal Navigation and well versed in the Construction of Locks, Bridges, etc, and to carry the same into execution.
Ordered That our Clerk writes to M^r Wright to Attend the Committee on Thursday the 20^th of this Instant June, to treat with him upon his proposal of Undertaking the Cutting of the Canal.
M^r Grazebrook Reports in Consequence of an Order of the Last Meeting That he has measured a boat of Vessell belonging to Owner Pool which was of the following Dimentions, Viz: 69 Feet 10 Inches Long including the Rudder, and in Width 15 feet 7 Inches, ~~ by Mr Wathen's measurement 70 feet one Inch and 15 feet 7 inches (a Trader to Bristol) ~~~ another Vessell (a Bewdley one) 69 feet 8 Inches Long including the Rudder at Right Angles, and in Breadth 16 feet 2 Inches.
Ordered that the Wing walls of the Lock be imediately executed.
Ordered That the Tail of the Lock from the Wing wall, be imediately Piled and Materials provided accordingly.
Ordered That a Smith be imediately employed by the Clerk to prepare the Iron work for the Locks, etc, and to Attend the hanging of the Gates, etc.
M^r Pashley upon his word and Honour promises to finish the Gates of the Framiload Lock as far as he is concerned, in one Month from this Meeting.
Ordered That no Servant of the Company's shall or will upon any Account dispose of, Sell, or Lend any Material, or Tools belonging to the Company at the Peril of the Person so Offending and that this Order be by the Clerk Proppogated to each Servant in trust now employed or that may be employed in the Navigation.
Ordered and agree'd that Thomas Howell be employed as Smith to the Company and that he will in as Short a Time as Possible give in his Lowest Terms.
M^r Bough proposes to Deliver Stone for the Bridges and Stop Gates at 9^d per foot Superficial including the Laying, and in Consequence of M^r Bough's information it is Ordered That M^r Ben: Grazebrook Attends M^r Bough in Order to come to a certainty of the Stone M^r Bough recomends being fit for the purposes of the Navigation ~~~ and M^r Bough proposes to do the work 20 per Cent under any other Mans Estimate.
Ordered That M^r Grazebrook pay Anthony Cooper three pounds three Shillings for one Year & a half's Rent of the Quarry in the forest of Deane.
Adjourned this Meeting to Thursday the 20^th Instant at four of the Clock in the afternoon at the George Inn Stroud.

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