Minutes Thu 20 Jun 1776

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Thu 20 Jun 1776


A quarry near Blakeney has suitable stone but would want 43 guineas for 3 years use, or until Navigation is completed. Committee will consent to Mr Bough supplying stone from quarry for a price not exceeding 9d a foot, including transport and laying (6d per foot for tunneling).
Contract for 300,000 bricks required.
Thomas Howell to supply all smith’s work at 4d per lb.
Mr Wright declined cutting the canal.
Owners of land in Fretherne parish to be asked for consent to open ditches and drains through their lands to Hock Ditch and Cheese Lane.

Verbatim text

At a Meeting of the Committee held by Adjournment at the George Inn in Stroud on Thursday the 20^th Day of June 1776
Present: Joseph Wathen, Freame Arundell, Robert Ellis, Benjamin Grazebrook, James Winchcombe, John Hollings, Thomas Baylis.
Read the Minutes of the Last Meeting.
M^r Grazebrook Reported that he had been in the Forrest to inquire after proper Stone for the purpose of Building the parts of the Locks where Stone is required. That he had seen a Quarry near Blakeney of excellent Stone, plain and broad beded, which M^r Bough recommended as very proper for the purpose, but that the Owner of the said Quarry's Terms were forty three Guineas for the use of the Quarry for three Years or till the Navigation is compleated.
It is Ordered that an agreement be made with M^r Bough that if he will furnish the Stone for the use of the Navigation from the said Quarry at a price not exceeding nine pence per foot Superficial including the delivery and laying, excepting the Tunnels as a price not exceeding Six pence per Foot.
Ordered That M^r Grazebrok do Contract for 300,000 Bricks soon as possible for carrying on the works on the best Terms he can.
Read a Proposall from M^r Underwood to Execute the Smiths work, and his Lowest terms at an Average price of 4^d per Lb. Read also a proposall from Tho^s Howell to do the Iron work at an average price of 4^d per Lb.
Drawn a Bill on M^r John Colborned the Treasurer to Jos: Grazebrook for the Sum of three hundred pounds.
Ordered That the Accounts be Audited by the Committee every Month.
Agreed with Tho^s Howell to employ him to Supply all the Smiths work for the Navigation at four pence per Lb, and that in consideration of that Price, he shall mend all Iron work of the Wheelbarrows and other little matters there may be occasion for at all time without making any Charge for the same. and that M^r Howell do sign an agreement to that purpose.
M^r Wright attended on the Committee, he declined undertaking of the Cutting of the Canal but offered himself as Surveyor and engineer for two hundred pounds per Ann. or for the sum of five hundred Guineas till the work is compleated. The Committee did not come to any agreement but desired time to consider of his Terms and give him an answer.
Ordered that M^r Grazebrook do pay Mess^rs Perry & Gleaves Bill for Cutting and Sundry other works amountin gto the sume of £748..11..4 deducting from the said Bill for the finishing of the Banks the sum of £20.
Ordered That M^r Grazebrook do pay one other Bill to Mess^rs Perry and Gleaves the Sum of £30..2..8.
Ordered That application be imediately made to the Land holders of the parishes of Frethern and Saul for their Consent and assistance for the purpose of opening of Ditches and making a proper drain through their Lands, Viz one drain into Cheese Lane and the other into the Hock Ditch, and to carry the said Drains into execution.
Ordered That the Men Continue Halling the Stone at Nine Shillings per Ton, and that they are to find their own Labour.
Adjourned this Meeting to Thursday the 4^th Day of July at four of the Clock in the afternoon at the George Inn in Stroud.

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