Minutes Mon 14 Dec 1846

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Mon 14 Dec 1846


A subcommittee met to discus the applications received for the surveyor’s position from 14 applicants, 5 from the midlands, 8 from Gloucestershire, and one from Oxford Goal.
J W Crowley of Walsall, Nathan Driver of Stroud, Charles Fox of Berkeley, William Watson of Birmingham, William Matthews from the Cotswolds and John Winn of Brimscombe asked to come for interviews.

Verbatim text

At a Sub Committee Meeting of the Stroudwater Navigation held at the Committee Room at Wallbridge on Monday the 14ht day of December 1846
Present: M^R Dan Watts, Geo H Aug^t Beard, Will^m Fryer, Jn^o W^M Wood, J H Warman Chairman.
The following applications for the Surveyorship of the Canal in place of M^r Sherwood with their Testimonials were examined:
J W Cowley, Surveyor, Walsall -- Very good.
Hen^y Owen Albrighton, near Wolverhampton, very good, but his age rather against him/
Nathan Driver, Stroud, aged 58 -- Very good.
Jn^o Walker, Birmingham, ages 50 Iron Founder. No Testimonials, but several References.
Cha^s Ja^s Fox Berkeley. Good Testimonials but his usual occupation not stated nor his age.
Jn^o Brinton, Ashted Birmingham, Surveyor of Road, etc, very good but chiefly as regards his capability as Relieving Officer.
Geo Mynett Stroud. Carpenter -- Very Good.
J H Charlton Horsley, Clerk of Oxford Gaol, age 25. Good as regards the management of a Gaol.
Will^m Watson Birmingham, Surveyor, age about 25. Very good.
Will^m Matthews Jun Cotswold age about 23 Road Surveryor. Very good in that capacity.
Tho^s Neate, Dudbridge. Very moderate.
Ben Wilkins, Tetbury Stonemason, very good in that capacity.
Will^m Trigg Winstone. No Testimonials.
Jn^o Winn Burley near Brimscombe. Tesimonials as Governor of a Gaol.
M^r Hawker was directed to write to the following parties requesting them to attend a Meeting of the Committee on Monday the 21sr Ins^t at 1 O'Clock:
J W Cowley, N Driver, C J Fox, W Watson, W Matthews and Jn^o Winn.

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