Minutes Mon 21 Dec 1846

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Mon 21 Dec 1846


Results of interviews with applicants recorded in detail. Mr Nathan Driver was elected as Surveyor at a salary of £70 with a rent free residence.
Mr Waring of Gloucester offered to put up an 8 ton crane for £105. Proposed removal of the crane at Dudbridge to the wharf at Wallbridge and provision of a new crane at Dudbridge.
Conveyance of the Coalpit Heath coal from Stonehouse station to Dudbridge Wharf at a charge of 6d per ton of coal conveyed.
Messrs Larkin & Co. complained about a £5 charge made for a pen on Wallbridge Wharf. In future the charge should be 10s.
Mr Wyatt ill. For time being Mr Fryer should sign tickets.

Verbatim text

At a Meeting of the Committee of the Stroudwater Navigation held at the Committee Room at Wallbridge on Monday Dec^r 21st 1846
Present: M^r G H A Beard, M^r Jn^o Will^m Wood, Dan^l Watts, Jn^o Holbrow, Will^m Fryer, Fred^k Eycott, Rich^d Martin, Geo Wathen, J H Warman Chairman.
The Minutes of the Sub Committee of the 14th Ins^t were read.
M^r Will Watson 89 Bull Street Birmingham. General Employment overlooking Buildings. Very little experience as regards Canals. Superintended the Construction of one under M^r Walker about 2 months. Not much experience in Mudding Canals, etc. Little in making Lock Gates. Not much knowledge of Swing Bridges, Can gauge Vessels. Age 25, married.
J W Cowley Walsall age 36 married. Has been employed lately in a Brass Foundry. No experience in Mudding nor in Lock Gates, nor in Swing Bridges, nor in Canals generally or gauging.
C J Fox Berkeley age 41 married. Master Carpenter and Joiner. No experience in Canals. Knows nothing about Mudding. Has assisted in making Lock Gates. Never gauged Vessels.
Will^m Matthews Cotswold, age 25 Single. Usual employment in Farming business. No Experience in Canals, nor Mudding, nor Lock Gates. Can measure Timber. Knows nothing about Swing Bridges nor gauging Vessels. Not much experience in Masons work.
Nathan Driver Stroud. Married age 56. Prefers Covering Banks to Piling when it can be done. Understands Mudding also measuring Timber and Masonry. Never employed on a Canal. Can gauge Vessels. Has no experience in Construction of Lock Gates or Swing Bridges.
John Winn, Burley Age 49 married. Differently occupied for the last few years. Never employed on any Canal. Has had experience in Mudding Ponds can measure Timber and Masonry. Knows very little of Lock Gates and Swing Bridges. Can gauge Vessels.
M^r Nathan Driver was elected Surveyor in the room of M^r Sherwood at a Salary of £70 per annum, with the House at Chippenham Plat for his residence, rent free, but he paying all Taxes and Rates. Security to the amount of £150 to be given. Three months notice to be given on either side in case of leaving.
M^r Sikes attended the Committee in reference to a new Crane and has obtained Estimates of the Cost. M^r Waring of Glocester offers to put up a good 8 Ton Crane the principal part being made of Oak for the sum of £105.
Ordered that M^r Waring be requested to meet a Sub Committee consisting of M^r Warman, M^r Eycott, M^r Hen^y Beard, M^r Watts & M^r Fryer on Monday the 28^th Ins^t at the Office at Wallbridge at 12 O'Clock at Noon and enter into a Contract for removing the present one at Dudbridge to the Wharf at Wallbridge and erecting a new one at Dudbridge.
Resolved that the thanks of the Committee are due and are hereby offered to M^r Sikes for the trouble he has taken in the Matter.
M^r Sherwood reported that the Dock at Chippenham Plat and the Step Ladder are not yet repaired.
M^r Hawker reported that he had not seen M^r Benger with reference to the Carriage of Flour & Corn.
M^r Hawker made a communication with reference to the conveyance of the Coal pit Heath Coal from Stonehouse Station to Dudbridge Wharf.
Ordered that a charge of Sixpence per Ton for tonnage be made on all such Coal conveyed as above stated and son in proportion of any greater distance.
Mess^rs Lacham & Co having complained of the charge made for a Pen on Wallbridge Wharf, it being now £5 per annum,
Ordered that in future the annual charge be Ten shillings.
M^r Wyatt having been in the habit of signing the Tickets, which in consequence of illness he is unable to continue,
Ordered that M^r Fryer be requested to do so pro tempore.
M^r Hawker requested permission to be absent from the Office next Saturday, which was granted.
Ordered that the following Bills be paid:
M^r Sherwood one quarter Salary: £20..-..-
J P Brisley for Stationery: 9..6..9
Repairs to Canal, In one Cheque:
J P Price, Horse hire: 1^£..5^s..-^d
W^m Knee Beer & Corn: 1..10..5
Jn^o Morgan horse hire: -..5..-
Jn^o Griffin horse hire: 2..10..11
Jn^o Griffin Hauling and Car: -..5.10
Geo Williams Beer: -..17..6
E Critchley Coal & Rep^r LockL -..1..3
Clark for Beer: -..2..3
Job Blick Lime: -..2..6
S Dangerfield ... Stone: -..2..6
Jn^o Ayers hauling: -..12..-
Jn^o Andrews Smith ... : 6
Rob Thompson Coal & ale: -..10..11
Sam Critchley hauling Boat: -..11..10
Tho^s Budding Plumb & Glaz^g: 1..4..1
N S Marling Coal & Tools: -..7..6
Bishop Ironmongery: -..14..-
Hoskins Smith's work: -..17..6
H Dangerfield Ironm^y: -..13..8
Fred Nurse Stone: 2..17..5
Price & C^o Timber: 2..18..-
[Subtotal] 18..16..1

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