Minutes Mon 28 Dec 1846

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Mon 28 Dec 1846


Messrs Warings attended and inspected cranes at Wallbridge and Dudbridge Wharfs. Jib on crane at Dudbridge not of sufficient length to load vessels without turning. New crane could be erected 18 inches nearer canal and 4 yards to the east of the present one. Messrs Warings asked to submit estimate for crane with jib 18 inches longer than previously estimate.
Messrs Warings asked to estimate cost of erecting new crane and moving present one to Wallbridge, at site where old one now stands.

Verbatim text

At a Sub Committee Meeting of the Stroudwater Navigation held at the Wharfinger's House at Dudbridge on Monday the 28th day of December 1846
PresentL M^R Dan Watts, Geo H^y Aug^t Beard, J H Warman Chairman.
Mess^rs Warings attended and inspected the Cranes at Wallbridge and Dudbridge Wharfs.
It appearing that the Jib of the Crane at Dudbridge Wharf is not of sufficient length to load the Vessels without turning and it being deemed practicable to erect the new Crane 18 inches nearer the Canal than at present and 4 yards to the Eastward of the Site of the present one Mess^rs Warings were requested to send an estimate for a Crane on an encreased extension of the Jib to 18 inches beyond their former estimate so as to afford the facility for loading Vessels without turning.
Mess^rs Warings were also requested to send an estimate for erecting a New Crane at Dudbridge Wharf and removing the present one to Wallbridge Wharf and erecting it on the same site on which the old one now stands.
Ordered that a General Committee Meeting be summoned on Wednesday the 6th January next at 1 O'Clock to consider Mess^rs Warings estimates.

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