Minutes Mon 18 Jan 1847

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Mon 18 Jan 1847


Messrs Waring had refused to lower estimate but will extend jib.
Nathan Driver, though yet to provide security, directed to get dock and step ladder repaired.
Mr Davies complained that the bridge leading to his mill required two or three men to turn it and that a quantity of stone had been improperly removed from his premises.
A new 218 piece dinner service to be bought.

Verbatim text

At a Meeting of the Committee of the Stroudwater Navigation held at the Committee Room at Wallbridge on Monday the 18th day of January 1847
Present: M^R Dan Watts, M^r G H A Beard Chairman, Will^m Fryer, Rich^d Martin, Geo Wathen, Fred^k Eycott, J H Harman, Will Jn^o Wood.
M^r Nathan Driver is not at present prepared with Security but will be provided with a Bondsman by our next Committee Meeting and M^r Wathen was requested to draw up the Bond.
A Letter was read from M^r Jn^o Holbrow stating that he had been unable to induce Mess^rs Waring to reduce their Estimate for a New Crane and removing the old one, etc, below their estimate which by their letter of the 7th Inst is as follows:
To the Committee of the Stroudwater Navigation
Agreeably to the request and agreement with John Holbrow Esq^r we engage to execute the following Work as hereafter specified on being allowed all old Materials (foundations, etc, to be used in the work or otherwise as convenient) for the sum of £165 to be paid on completion.
Viz: a new Crane capable of lifting eight tons, to be erected at Dudbridge; the Post, Jib, Struts and the whole of the Wood to be of English Oak. The Jib to be two feet six inches longer than the Crane at present standing there.
To take down the Crane at present standing there and remove it to Wallbridge, erect it at Wallbridge on the Site of the Crane at present standing there and to do the whole of the Masonry and earth work for them both in a good and substantial manner. Signed Waring Brothers.
M^r Driver was directed to get the Dock and Step ladder at that place repaired.
M^r Hawker reported that our present tenant Thompson at Stonehouse Wharf is desirous of staying there till Midsummer.
Ordered that M^r Hawker be desired to write to the tenant declining to comply with the request.
A letter was read from M^r Davies stating that the Bridge leading to his Mill required two or three men to turn it and that a quantity of stone had been improperly removed from his premises.
Ordered that four tons of Stone be sent to M^r Davies in lieu of that taken away by mistake.
Ordered that the Dinner Service consisting of the following pieces and now produced be bought for the use of the Company:
27 Dishes of various sizes: 27
13 Dozen Plates of various sizes: 156
4 Vegetable Dishes, Strainers & Covers: 12
4 Sauce Tureens, Ladels & Stands: 12
4 Pickle Dishes: 4
2 Fish Strainers: 2
1 Soup Tureen, Ladle & Stand: 3
1 Saldd Bowl: 1
1 Cheese Stand: 1
Total 218 Pieces.
Ordered that the following Bills be paid:
Income & Property Tax: 86^£..19^s..-
Jn^o Budbidge 2 Months Salary: 10..-..-
P Price Horse line: -..10..-
Hen^y Howell Smiths Work: 13..17..1
D Gubb Smiths Work: -..11..8
[Subtotal] £14..18..9
Gen Ass^y Dinner Service: 3..15..-

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