Minutes Wed 15 Mar 1848

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Wed 15 Mar 1848


Some withy plants to be set on the south side of the towing path between Ryeford Mill and Double Lock.
Tonnage of road stone at Dudbridge Wharf to be 10p a ton.
Biddle and Bishop, and other millers, are to be charged for excess of flour exported over grain imported. Balance to be struck half yearly.
A reduction of £1 made in the rent of the house occupied by William Knee, having sold more than 2000 tons of coal during the past year.
Charles Clutterbuck given permission to use the forge at the Dock at Eastington to complete the vessel he is building.
Charles Clutterbuck to pay sum of £3 5s for damage done to the bridge at Stonehouse Church by his vessel the ‘Nelson’.

Verbatim text

At a Meeting of the Stroudwater Navigation Committee held at the Committee Room at Wallbridge on Wednesday the 15th day of March 1848
Present: M^r Hen^y Sykes, M^r Jn^o Holbrow, Jn^o H Warman, G H A Beard, Rich^d Martin, T C Croome, Fred^k Eycott, W^m Jn^o Wood, Will^m Fryer Chairman.
Ordered that some Withy Plants be set on the South side of the Towing Path between the Ryeford Mill and the Double Lock.
Ordered that the Tonnage on Road Stone landed at Dudbridge Wharf be charged Ten pence per Ton in all Cases.
Resolved that from and after the 31st day of this Month, Mess^rs Biddle & Bishop be charged the usual Tonnage on the excess of Flour Exported over and above the quantity of Wheat Imported by them and landed on the Banks of this Canal and that the balance be struck half yearly and that our Clerk do inform Mess^rs Biddle & Bishop of this Resolution.
Resolved that all other Millers trading on this Canal be placed on the same terms as Mess^rs Biddle & Bishop with regard to the Export of Flour and the Importation of Corn.
It appearing to this Committee that Will^m Knee has sold upwards of 2000 Tons of Coal during the past year it is Resolved that a further Reduction of one pound be made in the rent of the house occupied by him in the current year.
Resolved that the General Half Yearly Meeting be held on Wednesday the 26th day of April next at 2 O'Clock in the afternoon and that the same be advertised in the usual manner.
Resolved that our Clerk do direct Jn^o Burbidge to attend at the next Committee Meeting.
Charles Clutterbuck having applied for permission to use the Forge at the Dock at Eastington for the purpose of compleating the Vessel which he is building at the Bristol Road,
Resolved that he be allowed to do so.
Ordered that M^r Driver do purchase a sufficient quantity of Baulk Timber for the purpose of repairing the Lock Gates.
It appearing that the Cost of repairing the Bridge at Stonehouse Church be reason of the damage done to it by Charles Clutterbuck's Vessel the Nelson amounts to the sum of £3..5..-,
Ordered that our Clerk do apply to M^r Clutterbuck for payment thereof.
The following Bills having been examined,
Ordered that the same be paid:
M^r N Driver 1 Quarters Salary; 17^£..10^s..-^d
Jn^o Burbidge 2 mos & Candles £1: 11..-..-
Hen^h Howell Smith's Work: 8..11..-
Ja^s Giles building Wall at Dudbridge Wharf: 18..11.2
Cook & Butt Castings: 1..9..8
Tho^s Gabb Smith's Work: -..9..10
J P Brisley Stationery: 9..12..6

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