Minutes Wed 16 Jan 1850

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Wed 16 Jan 1850


Summit level of Th&S Canal frozen. Coal stock at Cirencester expended. Merchants will use supply from Gloucester, unless supplied by railway from Brimscombe during present frost at same price. Allowance of 6d per ton by T&S and 3d by Stroudwater will keep price the same.
Mr Trotter of Bilson and Crump Meadow Coal Company asked for facilities for landing coal at Stonehouse Wharf, carting it and sending it by GWR to Cheltenham. Wanted a drawback of 1s 3d per ton. The Committee saw this as an opening for the Company. Coal at present supplied at Cheltenham travels by G&B Canal. Proposal accepted.
Application by Messrs. Wethered, Keeling & Cossham of Wickwar to land coal at Stonehouse Wharf at 4d per ton for onward transmission to Cirencester unanimously rejected.

Verbatim text

At a Meeting of the Committee of the Stroudwater Navigation held at the Committee Room at Wallbridge on Wednesday the 16th day of January 1850
Present: M^r Hen^y Sikes, Jn^o H Warman, Cha^s H Fisher, Fred^k Eycott, Will^m Fryer Chairman, Rich^d Martin, Cha^S Hooper.
It having been represented by M^r Willson that in consequence of the Summit Level of the Thames & Severn Canal being frozen up the stock of Coal at Cirencester is entirely expended and that the Coal Merchants there will be bound to supply themselves from Gloucester unless and arrangement can be entered into for supplying them by Railway from Brimscombe during the present frost at the same price they are now supplied by Canal and as it appears that such supply can be made by an allowance of Sixpence per ton by the Thames and Severn Canal Company and Three pence per ton by this Company it is,
Resolved that an allowance of Three pence per Ton be made on all such quantities as may be loaded on the Railway at Brimscombe under the special undertaking of M^r Willson to supply this Company with the quantities so sent.
M^r Trotter having attended on behalf of the Bison & Crump Meadow Coal Company and represented that if this Company would give them facilities for landing Coal at the Wharf at Stonehouse to be carted from thence and sent be the Great Western Railway to Cheltenham by allowing them a Drawback of One Shilling and three pence per ton on the amount of Tonnage at Stonehouse that they should be enabled to land Ten Thousand tons per annum at Stonehouse for that Market. And as it appears to this Committee that it would be opening a new trade as far as this Company is concerned in as much as the whole of the coals supplied at Cheltenham go up the Glocester & Berkeley Canal it is
Resolved that a Drawback of One Shilling and Three pence be allowed per ton to that Coal Company on all Coals landed by them at Stonehouse and forwarded for the Cheltenham Market.
Mess^rs Wethered Keeling & Cosham of Wickwar having applied for permission to land Coals at the Wharf at Stonehouse for four pence per ton to be sent by the Great Western Railway for the supply of Cirencester and other places in that direction such application was unanimously rejected.
Resolved that the following Bills and Accounts be paid:
J & T Budding Sundries: 4^£..-^s..9^d
Tho^s Webb Timber: 1..19..6
Hen^y Dangerfield Ironmongery: 2..5..9
J Andrews Smiths Work: -..11..-
Jn^o Burbidge 2 months Salary: 10..-..-

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