Minutes Tue 20 May 1890

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Tue 20 May 1890


Stroud Gas Co claimed that by lapse of time, 30 years, they had acquired right to take the water from the canal. £3 p.a. agreed for use of water.
Osiers planted by Mr Sibly did not trespass on canal.
Two catch pits provided by Local Board for reception of silt. No objection remaining to flow by drain into canal at Downfield.
T Rowles of Framilode took water out of canal, refusing to take out a licence. Summons to be issued for trespass.
Mr Kimmins to pay 5s p.a. for opening to a boat house at Ebley.
Death of Peter Daniels, old servant of Company for 45 years. Widow allowed to occupy cottage until September 29th unless required by Company.
Messrs Chas Hooper & Co. of Eastington Mills require more water at Bond’s Mill, Stonehouse than quantity, 40,000 gallons, named in existing agreement. Possibility of double quantity should they increase tanks for its reception. Agreed on payment of additional £4 p.a., making £10 including original smaller figure.

Verbatim text

Committee Meeting held at Wallbridge on Tuesday the 20^th day of May 1890 at 3 o'clock pm
Present: M^r C H Hooper Chairman, M^r W J Stanton, Sir W H Marling Bart, M^r J Howard, M^r W^m Davies.
The Solicitor of the Company M^r Mills reported that he had, as arranged, attended the last meeting of the Stroud Gas C^o with reference to their use of the Canal water. The Gas C^o claimed that by reason of lapse of time, they had acquired a right to take the water as they had been doing for 30 years. Eventually M^r Mills arranged with them to pay 3£ per annum for the use of the water from the Canal as enjoyed by the Gas Company to commence from January 1^st 1890. This was confirmed by the Committee.
[First payment made July 29/1890 re 1/2 year Jany 1^st 1890 to June 30^th 1890.]
The Clerk reported that he had satisfied himself on the spot that the osiers planted by Mr Sibly are not placed so as to trespass on the Canal.
The Clerk also reported that two "catch-pits" have been provided by the Local B^d for the reception of the "silt", and consequently no objection remains to that which flows by the drain into the Canal at Downfield.
The Clerk further reported that T Rowles of Framilode had persisted in taking water from the Canal while refusing to take out a license. He was instructed to inform M^r Rowles, by letter, that if the 1/- for such License is not at once paid, a summons will be issued against him for trespass.
The Clerk reported that he had arranged with M^r Kimmins for payment to the Company of 5/- per annum for the opening to a Boat house at Ebley.
The Clerk also reported the death of Peter Daniels an old servant of the Compy (45 years). He was instructed to inform his widow that she will be allowed to occupy the Cottage, belonging the Coy until Sept 29^th next, unless it should be required by the Company before that date.
A letter was read from Messrs Chas Hooper & C^o of Eastington Mills stating the probability of their requiring more water at Bonds Mill, Stonehouse, that the quantity (40.000 gals) named in the existing agreement, and asking whether they might count upon the double of that quantity, should they increase their tanks for its reception. It was agreed that Messrs Hooper & C^o be allowed that increase supply of water on payment of an additional Four pounds per annum from the date when they may take it, making Ten pounds per annum inclusive of the original smaller pipe.

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