Minutes Tue 15 Jul 1890

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Tue 15 Jul 1890


Report on canal inspection 30 June. Only two members of Committee attended. Favourably impressed.
Lodgemore culvert will need very serious attention.
Gates in good order except for lower gates at the Dudbridge top and bottom locks and lower gates at the Double Locks at Ryeford.
Towing path required piling in several places.
At wharf at Dudbridge a considerable slice comprising admirable frontage to main road might be sold off.
Land recently acquired at Stonehouse should be fenced off with posts and wire palling and quickset hedge raised within; also withy should be planted on land.
Overflow of sewage from Mr Harper’s well at Dudbridge.
Occupation of house at Double Locks, late Daniels, considered.
Mr Z Whiting permitted to erect a cart shed against new stable at Eastington coal wharf.

Verbatim text

Committee Meeting held at Wallbridge on Tuesday the 16^th day of July 1890 @ 3,o,clock pm
Present: Mr E C Little Chairman, Mr W^m Davies, Mr E P Littles, Mr John Howard, Mr E F Gyde.
At the commencement of the Meeting the Chairman read the following report of those Members of the Committee who inspected the Canal on the 30^th June:
"The scant attendance of the members of the Committee at the Annual Inspection of the Canal on the 30^th June last materially lessens the value of this report, coming as it does from only two of them. They inspected the Canal, and its adjacent properties from beginning to end, and were favourably impressed with the state in which they found them.
The first matter of importance to which their attention was directed was the Lodgemore Culvert which appeared to be in the same state it has been in for some years past but they fear that in the natural order of things it must be getting worse, and that ere long it will need very serious attention. They inspected the New Top Gates recently put in at the Dudbridge Top Lock, as well as the other gates on the Canal and with the exception of the Lower Gates at the Dudbridge Top and bottom Locks, and the Lower gates at the Double Locks at Ryeford, they all appeared in good order. In several places the Towing path required piling and the Clerks attention was directed to it.
Upon their inspection of the wharf at Dudbridge they thought a considerable slice comprising admirable frontage to the public Main Road might with advantage be sold off and they advise the Committee to give this Suggestion its serious consideration.
They think the last recently acquired at Stonehouse should be fenced off with posts and wire railing and a quick set hedge raised within, also that some withy trees should be planted on the land."
After discussing the report the General business was proceeded with.
The recommendation in the report of fencing off the land recently acquired at Stonehouse was approved of and directed to be done.
The sale of part of Dudbridge wharf was left for further discussed and Consideration at the August Meeting.
The Clerk reported an overflow of sewage from Mr Harper's well at Dudbridge and instructions were given for Mr Hamilton Mills to write peremptarily to Mr Harper on the subject.
The occupation of the house at the Double Locks (late Daniels) was considered and Mr Snape (the Clerk) was instructed to report to the next Meeting an arrangement he thought might be made that would commend itself to the Committee.
Mr Z Whiting had permission to erect a cart shed against the New Stable at Eastington Coal Wharf.

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