Minutes Sat 9 Aug 1890

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Sat 9 Aug 1890


Letter from Board of Trade extending time for extension of revised classification of Merchandise Traffic to 1 February 1890.
Sub-committee to consider and report on suggested sale of part of Dudbridge wharf.
Mr E Carruthers Little elected as representative for Company on Board for regulating, maintaining and providing harbour in estuary of the Severn called port of Gloucester.
1s p.a. charge to Messrs Hooper & Co of Bond’s Mill for rain water pipe from premises into canal.
Mrs E Daniels, widow of Peter Daniels, allowed to let cottage near Double Locks at £6 10s p.a. Allowance to her of 30s for drawing water at the Double Locks.

Verbatim text

Committee Meeting held at Wallbridge on Tuesday the 19^th day of August 1890 @ 3,o,clock pm
Present: Mr E C Little Chairman, Mr H H Mills, Sir W H Marling Bart, Mr C H Hooper, Mr W J Stanton, Mr John Howard.
The Clerk handed the Committee a letter he had received from the Board of Trade extending the time for the extension of a revised classification of Merchandise traffic, etc, to the 10^th Febry 1890.
[See F^o 70] A Sub-Committee consisting of the Chairman (Mr E Caruthers Little) Sir W H Malring, Mr Hamilton Mills & Mr Walter J Stanton were appointed to consider and report upon the suggested sale of a part of Dudbridge wharf.
[Harbour Board] Mr E Caruthers Little was elected as the representative for this Company to sit upon the Board recently constituted for regulating and maintaining a Harbour in the Estuary of the Severn, called the Port of Gloucester.
The payment of 1/- a year was directed to be charged to Messrs Hooper & Co on Bond's Mill for a rain water pipe they had put in from their premises into the Canal.
[From June 1890 First payment made July 1 1891]
The Clerk reported that he had arranged to let to Mrs E Danield (the widow of Peter Daniels) the Cottage near the Double Locks he occupied for many years before and at the time of death at £6..10..0 a year exclusive of rates, and allowance being made to her of 30/- a year for drawing the water at the Double Locks. An agreement was directed to be prepared embodying these terms.

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