Minutes Wed 20 Dec 1905

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Wed 20 Dec 1905


Mr Brunsdon has stated his intention to risk consequences of not conforming to notice to seek permission to take traction engine over bridges. .
Mr Smith had not called on solicitor in reference to renewal of lease of Ship Inn.
Chain of safety tide gate at Framilode not reliable. and has been replaced.
Stoppage of canal towing paths to take place next February to maintain Company’s rights of way.
Broken stone obtained for repair of metalling over bridges at Bristol Road, Eastington and Stonehouse.
Swing bridge near Shallow Lock, Whitminster, to be renovated
T&S Canal accounts for 1905 to be used to identify tolls due for year ended 30 September.
In October 1870 Commissioners of Roads were given leave to widen Eastington and Dudbridge Bridges. Dudbridge completed but improvement at Eastington in abeyance.

Verbatim text

[1905 December] Committee Meeting held at Wallbridge on Wednesday the 20^th day of December 1905 @ 4.15 o'clock pm
Present: Mr C H Hooper, Chairman, Mr W Davies, Mr E Palling Little, Mr A J M Ball, Sir W H Marling Bart, Mr F A Little, Mr W J Stanton, Mr Whittingham, Solicitor in attendance.
[Ryeford Bridge] Mr Snape reported having met Mr Brunsdon at Ryeford, and had the conversation with him he was instructed to seek, in reference to his Traction Engine passing over the Canal bridges. He stated his intention to _risk_ the consequence, if he did not in future conform to the notice to which Mr Snape called his attention, by asking the permission of the Company. (Mr Whittingham, the Company's Solicitor mentioned a recent case of the owner of an Engine of 10 tons weight being held liable for injury to pipes under a public road.)
['Ship Inn'] Mr Whittingham reported that Mr Smith had not called, as the Clerk had invited him to do, in accordance with the minute of last meeting, in reference to the renewal of the Lease of the "Ship Inn".
[Tide Gate Framilode] The Clerk reported that having found the chain of the Safety Tide Gate at Framilode not perfectly reliable, he had replaced it with a new one (cost 10^s/8^d) tested to 3 tons (Admiralty test).
[Stoppage of the Canal towing paths] Five years having nearly passed since the last Stoppage of the Canal towing paths (Feb 1901) to maintain the Company's rights of way, it was decided to repeat the same, in usual manner, on Feb coming, notices being specially exhibited at _each end_ of the "sections" which are successively closed for the day.
[Broken stone for bridges] The Clerk reported having obtained a supply (17 tons) of broken stone for the full repair of the "metalling" over the bridges at "Bristol Road", Eastington, and Stonehouse.
['Swing Bridge' Shallow Lock] The Clerk reported the need for renovation of the Swing Bridge near the 'Shallow Lock' Whitminster, and he was authorised to provide, as needed, material for it, within his Estimate of £38..-.
[Thames and Severn Canal] The Clerk produced Statement of Accounts and Balance Sheet of the Thames & Severn Canal for the year ended 30^th Sept 1905. The amount of tolls received by this Company in respect of through traffic over the Stroudwater Canal to and from the T&S Canal for the year ending September 30^th 1905 will now be ascertained in compliance with sec 43 of the Thames and Severn Canal Trust
[Eastington and Dudbridge Bridges] The Chairman called the attention of the Committee to a minute of the meeting held Oct 27 1870, which showed an application by the late Commissioners of Roads to be allowed to _widen Eastington_ and ---Ryeford--- Dudbridge Bridges, at their expense and the leave being granted in respect of both bridges.
This had been , soon after, carried into effect at ---Ryeford--- Dudbridge, but the improvement at Eastington has remained in abeyance.

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