Minutes Wed 18 Nov 1936

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Wed 18 Nov 1936


Offer for Whitminster Wharf premises received from Mr Wilkins. Clerk to make enquiries as to rent to be paid.
Work on Coal and Wood Shed at Wallbridge to be done by Company’s men.
Butler and Co to be informed that Company could not afford to undertake dredging.
Death of Mr Hopson, tenant at Wallbridge Warehouse. £20 rent outstanding. Clerk to seek further £10 or to clear away goods by end of year.
Clerk instructed to carry out repairs requested by Mr Beard, tenant of the Wharf House at Easington.
Mr Hopson’s estimate of £3 18s for repair of surface of roadway over Oil Mills Bridge accepted.

Verbatim text

Committee Meeting held at Wallbridge on Wednesday the 18^th day of November 1936 @ 4 o'clock pm
Present: W. R.Bloxham, Henry R Hooper, Marcus Stewart, R J C Little.
There being only four Members of the Committee present there was no quorum but there being some matters requiring immediate attention it was decided to proceed with them subject to confirmation by the next Committee.
Severn and Canal Carrying C^oy. Dredging
The Navigations reply to the Carrying Company's letter of the 11^th November and the reply of the Company dated the 17^th November were read and acknowledged.
Whitminster Wharf. Premises
The Clerk reported that in accordance with the Minute of the last meeting a Notice had been obtained and executed on the premises of the Wharf at Whitminster. An application from M^r Wilkins to rent the Wharf House, and a letter from M^r Dowdeswell were read. The Committee decided to postpone consideration of same to the December Meeting of the Committee the Clerk to enquire what extra rent M^r Wilkins was prepared to pay.
Wallbridge Office, Coal and Wood Shed
The Committee that the work be done by the Company's own men.
Drain at Dock House Eastington
It was reported that this matter was in hand.
Stonehouse Ocean Bridge, Damage
It was decided that no further action be taken.
Messrs. Butler & C^oy Dredging
A letter from Messrs Butler & C^oy was read. The Clerk was directed to reply that the Committee regret that the Company has no money to carry out the work.
Warehouse at Wallbridge. M^r Hopson
The Clerk reported the death of Mr^ Hopson the tenant of the Warehouse etc, at Wallbridge . It appeared that two quarters rent, £20:, was outstanding on 29^th September last. The Clerk was instructed to apply for the rent outstanding and in connection with the amount of space now occupied on the Wharf he should be asked to pay a further £10 or to clear away the goods by the end of the present year.
Dudbridge Wharf, M^r Vines
The Committee decided to leave this matter with the Company's Solicitors.
Eastington Wharf: Wharf House Repairs
A Letter from M^r Beard the tenant of the Wharf House at Eastington asking for certain repairs was read and the Clerk was instructed to have the work carried out.
Oil Mills Bridge, Ebley
The Clerk was instructed to accept M^r Hopson's estimate, £3:18:0 for the repair of the surface of the roadway over this bridge provided that M^r Hopson would undertake to complete the work by the end of November.
July 1^st to Nov 18 1936: 21..4..6
July 1^st to Nov 18 1935: 20..3..8.
For the month of October 1936: 6..3..7
For the month of October 1935: 5..9..3.
Cash at Lloyd's Bank Ltd, Stroud
1936: 132..13..3
1935: 121..8..7.
Cheques drawn:
Committee fees: 1..12..6
Stroud Gas C^o Gas: 6..5
Stroud Water C^oy Rates: 13..0
H. G> Apperley Notice Board: 19..0

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