Minutes Wed 19 May 1937

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Wed 19 May 1937


First quorate meeting since 18 March 1936. Memorandum of proceedings held at earlier non-quorate meetings confirmed.
Following reply from Canal Association enquiries to be made with carriers as to prospects for increased traffic.
Mr Wiggall’s offer of £7 p.a. rent for use of fairground accepted.
Strachan & Co want to purchase portion of Wallbridge Wharf and create a permanent write of way though the wharf to their property at Lodgemore. Committee agreed to sell land for £75.
Samuel Stanley Marling claimed share nos.10,26,70,72,77,78,94, will of Sir Percival Scrope Marling.

Verbatim text

[1937 May] Committee Meeting held at Wallbridge on Wednesday the 19^th day of May 1937 @ 4 o'clock pm
Present: W R Bloxam, Henry R Hooper, R J C Little, Marcus Stewart, Stanley Marling.
The Memoranda of the proceedings held on the 18^th March, 15^th April, 21^st May, 17^th June, 22^nd July, 30^th September, 21^st October, 18^th Nov, 16^th December 1936, 27^th Jany, 17^th Feby, 17^th March, 21^st April 1937 were confirmed.
Dock House at Eastington
The Clerk reported the repairs in hand.
Canal, Severn and Canal Carrying C^o, Messrs Butler & Coy
The Chairman read a letter which had been sent to the Canal Association and their reply thereto. After discussion it was decided to enquire of the Carrying C^oy as to the prospects of increased traffic for the Canal.
Dudbridge, Wharf House, M^r Summers
There was nothing to report.
Dudbridge, Wharf & Warehouse, M^r Wiggall
After discussion the Committee decided not to accept M^r Wiggall's offer of £7..0..0 per annum rent. The Clerk was directed to see him and get definite measurements.
Wallbridge Wharf, Messrs Strachan & Coy
The Chairman stated that Messrs Strachan & Coy had approached him about the purchase of a portion of the Wallbridge Wharf next their Mills at Lodgemore and for a permanent right of way through the Wharf. After discussion the Committee were of the opinion that the price of the land (about 300 sy) should be £75. The present Agreement as to right of way to stand.
Wallbridge Wharf, M^r Hopson, Rent
M^r Hopson had agreed to the extra £2 10/- a quarter rent.
Claim of Shares, Late Sir Percival S Marling
Samuel Stanley Marling of Littleworth House Amberley in the County of Gloucester attended Executor of the Will of Sir Percival Scrope Marling Baronet of Stanley Park Stroud in the County of Gloucester deceased who died on the 29^th day of May 1936 at Stanley Park aforesaid and who at the time of his death held seven shares in the Company of Proprietors of the Stroudwater Navigation numbered 10, 26, 70, 73, 77, 78 & 94 respectively now standing in the name of the said Percival Scrope Marling aforesaid deceased in the Books of the said Company and made out his claim by producing the tickets or titles of the said seven shares and eh Probate of the Will of the said Percival Scrope Marling the said Will proved and registered in the District Probate Register at Gloucester of His Majesty's High Court of Justice on the 18^th day of December 1936 and the claim was admitted accordingly and new tickets or titles ordered to be made out on the tickets or titles of the said seven shares being delivered up.
Jany 1^st 1937 to May 19 1937: 28..0..0
Jany 1^st 1936 to May 19 1936: 22..6..7.
For the month of April 1937: 7..7..4
For the month of April 1936: 4..17..9.
Cash at Lloyds Bank Ltd, Stroud
1937: 144.0..2
1936: 415..0..0.
Cheques drawn:
Committee fees: 1..12..6
W Fredericks, Office fuel, Junction Office: 1..10..0
Gloucester R D C Rates, Framilode & Eastington: 4..17..1
Stroud Water C^o, Water Rate, Dudbridge & Eastington: 13..0
Stroud Gas C^o Gas, Wallbridge Office ending March 1937: 12..3
James & Owen, Stationery: 18..5
Greville-Heygate & Co, Tithe, Eastington & Saul: 2..5..3
Ryeford Saw Mills C^o, Swing Bridge at Saul: 18..9

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