Minutes Wed 15 Nov 1922

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Wed 15 Nov 1922


Site at Bond’s Mill prepared for new swing bridge. Messrs King & Co advised as arranged. Col Ball to pass bridge before erection.
Piling and sheeting of canal bank against River in Framilode Pound completed by own staff. Cost of timber £3 0s 7d.
Ryeford Saw Mills Co’s tender, lowest, accepted for renewal of balance pole for outside bottom gate at Dudbridge Lock.
Proposal to widen bridge at Eastington. Clerk to meet representative of County Surveyor on spot and to submit full particulars of proposal to Company’s solicitors.
Letters from Mr G A Evans re present condition of Thames & Severn Canal. Their carrier, Mr Smart, experienced difficulty in getting boat load of coal to their mills at Brimscombe.

Verbatim text

[1922 Nov] Committee Meeting held at Wallbridge on Wednesday the 15^th day of November 1922 @ 3.20 o'clock pm
Present: Jack Margetson, W^m Davies, F A Little.
Swing Bridge at Bonds Mill
The dismantling of the present bridge has been commenced and the site prepared for the new iron Swing Bridge. Messrs King & C^o has been advised as arranged and Co^l Ball had kindly undertaken to pass the Bridge before erection.
The piling and sheeting of the Canal bank against the River in the Framilode pound had been completed by our own Staff at a cost for timber of £3..0..7.
In accordance with the Minute of the last Meeting the Chairman had obtained Estimates (produced) for the removal of the balance pole for the outside bottom gate at Dudbridge Lock and had directed the Clerk to accept The Ryeford Saw Mills C^o tender, the lowest, for Oak at £11..-. This was confirmed.
A letter dated the 10^th Nov had been received from the County Surveyor, in which he asked for the concurrence of the Company to a proposal to widen the Pike Bridge at Eastington. The Clerk was directed to meet the representatives of the County Surveyor on the spot as desired, to obtain a plan and section giving the levels, full particulars of their proposal, and to submit the same to the Company's Solicitors.
Letters were put in from Mr G A Evans re the present condition of the Thames & Severn Canal mentioning a difficulty recently experienced by their carrier, Mr Smart in getting a boat load of cola to their Mills in Brimscombe.
The Clerk was instructed to write to Mr Smart and ask him for his observations thereon for the next Meeting.
Cheques drawn: £ s d
Committee fees: 1..12..6
Messrs Little & Bloxam: 7..10..0
Messrs Dudbridge & Sons: 2..12..6
Ryeford Saw Mills C^o: 3..0..7
Henry Workman Ltd: 10..6..10.
The Tonnage for the period 1^st July to 14 November was £489..17..6 comparing with £351..0..4 last year and £352..19..11 in 1914.
Bank balance was £461..2..11 against £327..14..11 last year and £320..2..9 in 1914.

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