Minutes Mon 16 Jun 1845

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Mon 16 Jun 1845


No line or rope to be fastened to any handrail, paddle start or any part of lock gate. Penalty 40s, no less than 20s.
Any person obstructing, opposing or hindering any agent, lock keeper or other servants of Company liable to penalty not exceeding £5.
Liability for repairing towpath gates at Walk Bridge contested by Capt. Clegram.
James White agreed to take house at Dudbridge occupied by Joseph Cottle at 6 guineas a year.
Letter from Mr Gurney re South Wales Railway copied into minutes, reporting his attendance at Committee of Commons on the Newport & Pontypool &South Wales Railway Bills. Mr Brunel, in cross examination, declared clauses ought to be granted to Canal Company. Mr Gurney wished Committee would consider what sum they would advise Proprietors to take for the purchase of the canal.
Solicitor to attend before Committee and endeavour to get clauses inserted in Bill.
Committee of opinion that the subject of purchase ought not to be considered.
Letter from Mr Caleb Trotter, on part of Bilson & Crump Meadow Coal Co, with regard to reduction of tonnage on coal. In case of reduction all traders will be allowed to benefit.
3 dozen Buccellas ordered from Messrs Martin & Co.
Sovereign to Widow Critchley towards repairing house.

Verbatim text

At a Meeting of the Committee of the Stroudwater Navigation held at the Committee Room at Wallbridge on Monday the 16th day of June 1845
Present: M^R Dan^l Watts, Will^m Fryer, Jn^o Holbrow, Fred^k Eycott, W^m J Wood Chairman, Rich^d Martin, G H A Beard, Jn^o Stanton, Geo Wathen.
Ordered that the following Bye Laws be added to the former ones and printed:
That no Line or Rope be fastened to any Hand rail, Paddle Start, or any part of a Lock Gate under the Penalty of Forty Shillings nor less that Twenty Shillings.
That any Person obstructing, opposing or hindering any Agent, Lock keeper or other Servant belonging to their Company in the execution of their duty on in fully or completely carrying out these Bye Laws and Regulations into effect shall be liable to a penalty not exceeding Five pounds.
Ordered that M^r Sherwood do give further report of the Repairs of the Walk Bridge at the next Meeting.
Ordered that M^r Sherwood do receive the rent due from M^r Jn^o King at the Ryeford.
M^r Sherwood reported that he had communicated with Capt Clegram respecting the repair of the Tow path Gates at the Walk bridge but that it appeared at present doubtful to whom the liability of doing so belonged.
Ordered that M^r Wathen do prepare an Agreement for Rob Thompson to occupy the House at Stonehouse.
Ja^s White agreed to take the house at Dudbridge lately occupied by Jos^h Cottle at Six Guineas a year, he paying all taxes to commence from June 24th Ins.
Ordered that all the Rents due at Lady day be immediately collected.
The following letter was read from M^r Gurney addressed to Cha^s Hawker:
Stroud Monday June 16th 1845
My Dear Sir
As I find it impossible to attend the Committee today, I ought perhaps to report to them what has been done regarding the South Wales Railway. In pursuance of the Resolution of the Sub Committee of the 30th Ulto I went to London and attended the Committee of the Commons on the following Monday when for some private reason of their won they adjourned until the Wednesday. At the Meeting this day they proceeded with the Newport and Pontypool Bill, the provisions of which were so hardly fought that it was not disposed of until Saturday. The South Wales Bill came on for discussion on Monday when having obtained the Assistance of M^r Cook as Counsel on the part of the Stroudwater Canal, it was my intention to have opposed the Preamble of the South Wales Bill, and, as I was advised, owing to the Veto of the Admiralty, with much prospect of Success, or at all counts with every chance of obtaining for the Canal Company the Clauses which M^r Hunt had before objected to.
The Railway Company were at this time rather hard pressed and even thought it necessary to procure the attendance of two Stroud Gentlemen to give evidence as the necessity of crossing the Severn. On tuesday the Resolution of the Sub Committee held on Monday last reached me, and tho's on Wednesday I believe the Railway Company would willingly have given me the Clauses sought and paid our Costs, yet not being the Solicitor of the Canal Company at that time I did not feel myself authorized to treat with the Railway Company in such a Character. I have continued to oppose the Railway Company since tuesday last on my own account and whether the will now give the Canal Company the Clauses asked for and pay the costs of opposition is very uncertain, tho' on Friday I left the Clauses with M^r Saunders, expressing my willingness at the same time to withdraw all opposition as well to the South Wales Bill as the Monmouth and Hereford in case these terms were now come to. With respect to these claims I must remark that M^r Brunel in his cross examination declared they ought to be granted to the Canal Company and I therefore hope even if M^r Saunders does not consent to give them to us, yet that the Committee will at all events order their being inserted. If I have the luck now to get the Clauses inserted in the Commons, it will be a great saving in expense, for otherwise, the same battle must be gone thro' in the Lords and Parliamentary fees again paid. M^r Russell has inimated to M^r Cooke the willingness to treat for the purchase of the Canal.
I wish the Committee would consider what sum they _would advise_ the Proprietors to take. It is a question of dome delicacy, but I consider that no General Meeting should be called until we had more certain evidence of the Railway Company's bona fide intention to treat.
I must beg that your will today call a Special Meeting of the whole Committee for Monday next the 23rd Inst by which time I shall be able to report what has taken place regarding the South Wales Bill.
Should there be any objection to call a Special Meeting of the Committee so soon, I must insist on my right as a Shareholder to call a General Meeting.
I shall be glad to hear the result of the todays Meeting.
Signed John Gurney
It was proposed by M^r Fryer and seconded by M^r Watts
That in consequence of the determination of the South Wales Railway Company to proceed with their Bill in the Committee.
Ordered that our Solicitor do attend before the Committee and endeavour to get the Clauses inserted therein which are material to the interest of this Canal pursuant to the Resolution of the 30th May last. Carried 5 to 4.
With reference to that part of M^r Gurney's letter alluding to the purchase of the Canal it is the opinion of the Committee that at present the subject ought not to be entertained.
A Special Meeting was ordered for the Committee on Monday next the 23rd Inst.
Ordered that our Clerk do make a Return of our Income Tax which appears by the Statement now produced to amount ot £588..33..- for the year ending Mch 31st 1845.
A Letter was received from M^r Caleb Trotter on the part of the Bilson & Crump Meadow Coal Company with regard to the reduction of tonnage on Coal.
Ordered that an answer be returned, Stating that in Case any reduction of Tonnage should take place on Coal carried on this Canal, all Traders will be allowed to benefit of such reduction on Stocks in hand on Nov^r 1st next, imported previously to that day.
Ordered that 3 dozen of Bucellos be sent by Mess^rs Martin & C^o.
Ordered that a Sovereign be allowed Widow Critchley towards repairing her house.
Ordered that the following Bills be paid:
Repairs of Canal: Sam Critchley: ..9..11
Jn^o Griffin: 1..13..6
Tho^s Budding: ..2..-
Ja^s Giles: 2..7..6
Edw^d Shipway: 3..6..9
Dan Hoskins: ..8..1
Jn^o Morgan: 3..8..11
Will^m Bishop: 2..4..6
R^d Bushell: 5..8..10
Total cost of repairs: £19..9..5
Ths B Barnard: 6..1..7
Will^m Montague: 2..18..-
Nath S Marling: 37..12..5
Jn^o Dymock: 12..18..4
Ja^s Sherwood: 20..-..-

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