Other Documents

The following summaries of documents held in the Gloucestershire Archives are now available:


Summaries of Ledgers for 1775-1802 and 1814-1823.

These files are not included in our global search function and must have their contents searched individually.

Tonnage Books

Images of Tonnage Books for 1776-1798 and 1798-1813. For each year a a lists of entries by date, cargo, destinations and consignees have been prepared, and key details, such as total tonnage, total revenue, main cargo types, amounts delivered to key destinations and main consignees are being recorded. Key details will are returned in searches.

Share Registers

Information relating to the sale of shares is recorded in a number of places, including minute books and share registers. These have been collated into a Share Transactions spreadsheet and summarized in date orderby share number and by purchaser's name. When reviewing these files please note:

  • Shares are often held by a set of trustees but when listed by purchasers name each trustee will be listed separately. Checking the share number in the list by share number will reveal the names of all the trustees as having purchased the share on the same date.
  • Original subscribers to the shares were liable to pay £150 for their shares, but as this was paid by installments they sometimes sold shares for less than this to purchasers who were required to pay the remaining subscription.
  • When the sale price is quoted as a few shillings, it indicates that the share was being passed on by a legacy or a gift for which solicitors still expected to record something in exchange as in all other property transactions.