Subject Listings

Stroudwater Archive documents held at Gloucestershire Archives listed under the subjects presented in the Canal Life section of this website. The sections cover:

  1. Accounting
    Cashbooks - Ledgers - Journal books - Accounts - Tonnage - Coal - Rent - Wages - Accounts for building the canal
  2. Building the Canal
    Matters prior to the 1776 Act - Building work
  3. Cargoes and Traffic
    Records of individual vessel movements - Traffic summaries
  4. Company Management
    Setting up the Company - Running the company - The company selling coal
  5. Leisure Activities
    Fishing - Bathing - Walking
  6. Operations and Maintenance
    General matters - Specific matters
  7. Property Matters
    Specific canal wharfs - Specific canal houses - Bridges - Tenants and neighbours - General property matters 
  8. Shares and Shareholders
  9. Toll Collection and Rates
    Early tolls - Toll reductions to meet railway competition - Government regulation
  10. Vessels and Owners
    Vessel owners and crews - Bye-Laws
  11. Water Management
    Relations with mill owners - Carrying water from the River Frome to the Gloucester & Berkeley Canal - Other structures
  12. Working with the Thames & Severn Canal Co
    Earlly records - Later disputes - New management
  13. Working with Other Organisations
    Gloucester & Berkeley Canal Company - Local railway companies - Local utilities - Other undertakings

Documents held at Gloucestershire Archives - for more details, see their online catalogue.

Treasurer’s account book, 1775-1859: D1180/2/68.
Twenty six volumes of cashbooks (first cashbook catalogued as “Current account of Benjamin Grazebrook, clerk to and concerning the Stroudwater Navigation”), 1774-1947: D1180/2/17-42.
One volume cashbook relating to offset of deficit of Thames and Severn Canal, 1925-1930: D1180/2/42a.

One volume purchase ledger relating to items for building the canal obtained on credit, 1775-1802: D1180/2/10 (summary available).
Two volumes combined nominal, sales and purchase ledger, 1814-1843: D1180/2/10a-10b (summary of D1180/2/10a available).
Two volumes nominal ledger, 1843-1914: D11802/2/11-12.
Four volumes credit ledger, 1856-1883: D1180/2/13-16.

Journal books:
Six volumes journals, 1814-1872: D1180/2/43-48.

Abstract and general state of accounts some written some printed (cash basis reconciling to the balance on the Treasurer’s account book with note of some assets and liabilities), 1807-1823, 1829, 1834-1835, 1838-1850, 1852-1854, 1865, 1867-1872: D1180/2/2-5, 71.
Half yearly accounts of disbursements and receipts, 1775-1779, 1860-1886, 1888-1910: D1180/2/6-8, 2/69-70.
Statements of capital account, revenue account and balance sheets, 1908-1924: D1180/2/9.
“Accounts”, 1929-1941: D1180/Acc13370/box1/10.
“Revenue Accounts”, 1920-1930: D1180/Acc13370/box9/3.

Forty two volumes tonnage books, 1776-1923: D1180/4/1-41.
One volume numerical book listing tonnage ticket number to be allocated, 1831-1841: D1180/4/42.
Two volumes comparative statements of traffic and receipts, 1873-1921: D1180/4/53-54.
Statements of traffic to and from Thames and Severn Canal, 1875-1894: D1180/4/57.
One volume monthly abstracts amounts handled and receipts at Wallbridge, Dudbridge, Ebley and Oil Mills, Ryeford, Brimscombe, Gas Works (Stroud) and Lodgemore, 1854-1862: D1180/4/50.
Accounts and papers relating to tonnage fraud, 1832: D1180/6/12.

One volume coal stock book, 1776-1788 (period before company took over trade): D1180/2/49.
Four volumes coal stock book, 1788-1832: D1180/2/50-53.

Three volumes rent account books 1842-1955: D1180/2/54-55, 79.

Seven volumes day labour accounts, 1846-1851, 1857-1873: D1180/2/56-62.
Five volumes wage book, 1873-1879, 1885-1927: D1180/2/63-67.

Accounts for building the canal:
General account of monies expended in making “Navigation of Stroudwater” (Initial balance on 5 April 1776 taken from D1180/2/17 then mirrors cashbook including payments not related to the making of the Navigation, includes reference to purchase ledger where appropriate), 1776-1794: D1180/2/1.
Account for cutting and building canal, warehouse at Framilode and house at Dudbridge Wharf, 1775-1803: D1180/2/72.
Account for building a wall and basin at Framilode, 1794-1795: D1180/2/74.
Account for building new lock at Chippenham Platt, 1800: D1180/2/75.


Building the Canal

Documents held at Gloucestershire Archives - for more details, see their online catalogue.

Matters Prior to the 1776 Act
Proposals, objections, investigations and Acts concerning attempts to build a navigation, 1730-75: D1180/5/1, 4.
Papers concerning the dispute about authority to build a canal, 1774-76: D1180/5/3; D1180/6/1, 2.
Plan showing how meanders in the River Frome had been straightened, 1776: D1180/10/1.
Plans of properties in Framilode and Whitminster affected by the canal, 1776?: D1180/10/3.
Commissioners proceedings prior to and during canal building, 1756-87: D1180/C1/1-2; D1180/C2/1.

Building Work
Agreements and accounts concerning the acquisition of land, 1774-1801: D1180/8/2.
Some original conveyances for the purchase of land, 1777-1794: D1180/Acc10879/Box1/2.
Agreements, estmates and accounts concerning the building of the canal, 1776-1800: D1180/8/3; D1180/9/20, 25.
Estimates and accounts for building canal structures, 1775-1803: D1180/2/72, 74; D1180/5/38.
Papers concerning damages claimed for leakage through the canal banks, 1777-82: D1180/6/3.
Legal expenses connected with building the canal, 1784-85: D1180/2/73.
Accounts and papers concerning the rebuilding of Blunder Lock, 1800: D1180/2/75.
Papers concerning the law-suit about rebuilding Ryeford Double Lock, 1780-81: D1180/6/4.
Plans of the canal as authorised 1776: D1180/10/50, 51 and as built 1781: D1180/10/2.


Cargoes and Traffic

Documents held at Gloucestershire Archives - for more details, see their online catalogue.

Records of Individual Vessel Movements
41 Tonnage Books recording vessels, owners, cargoes and tonnage paid, 1776-1923: D1180/4/1-41.
One volume recording vessels and cargoes at Dudbridge, 1822-1832: D1180/4/48.
One volume recording vessels and cargoes at Wallbridge, 1822-1832: D1180/4/49.
One volume recording vessels and cargoes at Framilode, 1825-1830: D1180/4/52.
One volume recording vessels and cargoes at Framilode, 1890: D1180/4/55.

Traffic Summaries
Monthly abstracts of traffic handled at each wharf between Ryeford and Brimscombe, 1854-1862: D1180/4/50.
Statement of trade over the Thames & Severn Canal, 1836-1865: D1180/5/9.
Statements about traffic passing between the Stroudwater and Thames & Severn Canals, 1815-1878: D1180/5/13.
Statements about traffic passing between the Stroudwater and Thames & Severn Canals, 1875-1894: D1180/4/57.
Statements about traffic passing between the Stroudwater and Thames & Severn Canals, 1893-1925: D1180/4/56.


Company Management

Documents held at Gloucestershire Archives - for more details, see their online catalogue.

Setting Up the Company
Acts, agreements and papers concerned with the governance of the Company, 1774-78: D1180/5/2, 4-5; D1180/8/1.

Running the Company
Ten volumes of minutes of General and Committee meetings, 1775-1946: D1180/1/1-10. (For page images, summaries and some verbatim transcriptions on this website, see Minute Books.) 
Six volumes of indexes to the minutes, 1775-1904: D1180/1/11-16.
Four volumes of rough minutes, 1845-88: D1180/1/17-20.
One volume of in-letters, 1841-44: D1180/9/1. (For page images and summaries on this website, see Letter Books.)
Eighteen volumes of out-letters, 1814-1952: D1180/9/2-19. (For page images and summaries on this website, see Letter Books.)
Bonds of indemnity for Clerk (1844) and Treasurer (1848): D1180/9/33.
Seal matrixes: D1180/4/49.
Proposal to appoint new Commissioners, 1818-19: D1180/C2/1.
Counsel's opinion as to the need to fill a vacancy on the Committee, 1844: D1180/6/11.
Miscellaneous Acts concerning business and social issues 1766-92: D1180/5/47-48.

The Company Selling Coal
Coal stock accounts before the Company took over, 1776-1788: D1180/2/49.
Four volumes of coal stock accounts, 1788-1832: D1180/2/50-53.
Agreement to act as agent for selling coal at Dudbridge, 1780: D1180/8/3.
Two bonds of indemnity for agents selling coal, 1791 & 1804: D1180/9/33.
Payment for coal supplied by William Wild deceased, 1831: D1180/2/76.
Counsel's opinion as to the Company's right to trade in coal, 1831: D1180/6/13 p53; D1180/6/11.


Leisure Activities

Documents held at Gloucestershire Archives - for more details, see their online catalogue.

Counsel's opinion concerning fishing rights in the canal, 1782: D1180/6/13 p1.
Reports of court cases concerning netting fish, 1885, 1910: D1180/6/22.
Counterpart lease of fishing rights to the Board of Conservators of the Severn Fishery District, 1913: D1180/8/18.

Agreement to allow bathing in the canal near Dudbridge at specified times, 1898: D1180/Acc11549/Box1/5.
Correspondence concerning a bathing pool at Wycliffe College, Stonehouse, 1920: D1180/9/44.

Report of a court case concerning young men obstructing passage over bridges, 1886: D1180/6/22.


Operation and Maintenance

Documents held at Gloucestershire Archives - for more details, see their online catalogue.

General Matters
Surveyor's note-book, with details of work to be done, surveys made and expenses for repairs, 1814-1835: D1180/9/26.
Maintenance agreement with George Basham, 1833: D1180/9/1 p3 (Document).
Papers concerning the appointment of a surveyor and the specification of maintenance contracts, 1844: D1180/9/21, 34.
Twelve volumes listing names, occupations and wages of Company workers, 1846-1879: D1180/2/56-67.
Reports of annual condition inspections, 1908-1932: D1180/Acc10879/Box1/3 (Online at ...). 

Specific Matters
Agreement to refer to arbitration a dispute concerning the strength and sufficiency of a new crane erected at Dudbridge, 1847: D1180/8/4.
Contract with Frederick Evans to build a new work boat, 1878: D1180/8/14.
Papers concerning the hire of a steam dredger and four mud boats from the Sharpness Dock Co, 1879: D1180/2/78.
Plan and estimate for wall to support slipped river bank adjoining Framilode pound, 1886: D1180/10/21.
Papers relating to the need for refurbishing Whitminster Lock, the detention of barges and the erosion of the river bank at Whitminster aqueduct, 1889-1904: D1180/9/23.
Court case about an inaccurate weighbridge at Dudbridge, 1903: D1180/Acc11549/Box1/3.
Invoice for new weighing machine at Stonehouse Wharf, 1906: D1180/2/78.
List of dates when lock gates had been replaced, circa 1914: D1180/9/26.
Papers concerning unacceptable behaviour by employee Minett, 1919: D1180/Acc11549/Box1/8.
Plan of mud tip to west of Midland Railway Bridge, Stonehouse, ND: D1180/10/9.
Report of a master prosecuted for damaging paddle gear, 1891: D1180/6/22.
Report of an inquest after a girl fell into the canal because a swing bridge had been left open, 1902: D1180/6/22.


Property Matters

Documents held at Gloucestershire Archives - for more details, see their online catalogue.

Specific Canal Wharfs
Abstract of title for Wallbridge Wharf, 1848: D1180/acc12872/box5/6.
Plan for a stable at Bristol Road Wharf, 1887: D1180/10/22.
Plan for a new wharf adjoining Pike Lock for Messrs Ford Brothers, 1874: D1180/10/19.
Plan for a stable at Eastington coal wharf, 1889: D1180/10/23.
Agreement to widen the canal at Ryeford and form a wharf, 1856: D1180/Acc10879/Box1/2.
Plan of Ryeford Wharf and approaches, ND [1866]: D1180/10/15.
Case for opinion concerning raising the road at Ryeford Wharf, 1866: D1180/6/17.
Legal work concerning raising the road at Ryeford Wharf, 1866-69: D1180/2/77.
Legal work concerning the replacement of Marling's coal pen at Ryeford, 1863: D1180/2/77.
Plans of Stonehouse Wharf, 1867, 1906: D1180/10/17, 45.
Road scheme affecting Wallbridge Wharf, 1935: D1180/9/45.

Specific Canal Houses
Papers concerning the purchase of Chippenham Platt toll house, 1877: D1180/8/5.
Plan of a house to be built at Eastington Canal Yard, 1878: D1180/10/20. 
Draft contract for building a house at Eastington, 1878: D1180/8/6.
Invoice from Harper Bros for building a cottage at Eastington, 1878: D1180/2/78.
Tenancy agreement for the Wharf House at Stonehouse, 1935: D1180/8/20.
Deed for land on which Wallbridge wharfinger's house was built, 182:, D1180/8/10.
Land Tax certificate for wharfingers house at Wallbridge, 1895: D1180/8/7.
Plan of a cottage to be made out of the warehouse at Wallbridge, 1872: D1180/10/18.
Invoice from Harper Bros for building a cottage at Wallbridge, 1877: D1180/2/78.
Conveyance, lease, liquidation and other papers relating to the Ship Inn, Wallbridge, 1906-25: D1180/Acc11549/Box1/11).
Tenancy agreements for Dudbridge properties, 1906-1949: D1180/acc13370/box3/5.
Tenancy agreements for Bristol Road Wharf House, 1928. 1930: D1180/Acc13370/Box1/3.

Counsel's opinions and engineer's report concerning the repair of the bridges over the brook and the canal at Ryeford, 1817-1838: D1180/6/13 p5, 53; D1180/9/27.
Sketch of Ryeford bridge and one of Ryeford bridge on tracing paper showing water pipe, ND: D1180/9/39.
Agreement with Richard Martin re demolishing Occupation Bridge, 1836: D1180/Acc10879/Box1/2.
Agreement with T & S Marling (and plan) to replace bridge at Ebley, 1841: D1180/8/12, D1180/10/48.
Letters and cases for counsel's opinion concerning liability of the Company or the parishes for the repair of the road surface over bridges, 1878: D1180/6/20.
Papers concerning improvements to Eastington Bridge, 1886: D1180/9/22.
Correspondence concerning a new footbridge at Hilly Orchard, ND [c1886]: D1180/9/40.
List of heights of three bridges (Dudbridge, Hilly Orchard & Oil Mills), 1902: D1180/9/26
Newscuttings concerning state of the bridge near the Ship Inn, Stonehouse, 1902: D1180/9/24.
Papers and plan concerning damage to bridge at Upper Mills, Stonehouse, 1910-1925: D1180/8/17.
Alterations to Bristol Road Bridge, 1923, 1928: D1180/Acc13370/Box 8/3, Box1/8.
Notes on the Company's liability with respect to swingbridges following a fatal accident at Lodgemore swing bridge, ND, D1180/6/7.

Tenants and Neighbours
Counsel's opinion on the Company's obligation to fence the towpath, 1834: D1180/6/13 p91.
Release of the Company's obligation to fence the towpath, 1835: D1180/Acc10879/Box1/2.
Rent account books listing tenants, 1842-1918: D1180/2/54, 55.
Solicitors papers concerning property transactions, 1845: D1180/2/77.
Papers concerning encroachments on the canal and the nuisances caused by debris and sewage washing into the canal, 1875: D1180/6/18-19.
Plan showing properties adjoining the canal in Ebley and Cainscross, [pre 1877]: D1180/10/8.
Plans of the property boundary beside Stonehouse Ocean, 1884: D1180/10/11.
Agreements to supply water to neighbouring properties, 1897, 1913, 1917: D1180/acc12872/box4/13.
Correspondence about water leaking into Ryeford Saw Mills, 1934-1935: D1180/acc12872/box4/10.
Agreement with Arnold Redler concerning erection of gate into allotments from the towpath at Dudbridge, 1937: D1180/8/22.

General Property Matters
Some original conveyances for the purchase and sale of land, 1819-1953: D1180/Acc10879/Box1/2.
Notes concerning the question whether canal wharves are rateable, [1878]: D1180/6/21.
Plan of Wheatenhurst sewers, [19thC]: D1180/10/39.
Papers and plan concerning the Cainscross and Ebley sewerage scheme, 1901-1903: D1180/9/42.
Correspondence concerning fencing, landing of passengers and rights of way at Framilode lock, 1914-1915: D1180/9/43.
Bill Posting license at Dudbridge and Wallbridge, 1926: D1180/Acc11549/Box1/4.
Plan of land at Newtown showing pipes and land sold, [20thC]: D1180/10/13.
Original conveyances and easements supporting ownership claims to the Land Registry: D1180/8/52-54.


Shares and Shareholders

Documents held at Gloucestershire Archives - for more details, see their online catalogue.

Four share transfer registers and two copy registers, 1774-1954: D1180/3/1-5, 25.
Returned share certificates, 1774-1872: D1180/3/6, 9-12.
Counterfoils of issued certificates, 1848-1891: D1180/3/7, 8.
A copper engraving plate for share certificates: D1180/3/13.
Letters and papers relating to the transfer of specific shares by claims before the Committee, 1774-1879: D1180/3/14-19.
Annual lists of shareholders, 1777-1813, 1820: D1180/3/20, 21.
Clerk's notebook (indexed) recording ownership of shares, 1824-1900: D1180/3/22.
Papers related to dividend payments, including some receipts, 1785-1788: D1180/3/23, 24 .
Counsel's opinion on the question of the right to a share, 1824: D1180/6/11. 
Counsel's opinion concerning the recording of share transfers, 1840: D1180/6/13 p99.


Toll Collection and Rates

Documents held at Gloucestershire Archives - for more details, see their online catalogue.

Early Tolls 
Act of Parliament that authorised maximum tolls, 1730: D1180/5/5.
Papers concerning tolls agreed with the Thames & Servern Canal Co, 1783: D1180/4/43.
Counsel's opinion as to whether the Company is bound to divide the authorised maximum toll in proportion to the distance travelled, 1823: D1180/6/13 p49-52; original D1180/6/11.
Papers concerning reduced tolls to meet the threat of a competing tramroad, 1824: D1180/4/44.

Toll Reductions to Meet Railway Competition
Counsel's opinion relating to agreement with the Thames & Severn Canal Co to reduce tolls, 1853: D1180/6/14.
Papers relating to agreements with the Thames & Severn Canal Co for further toll reductions, 1864: D1180/4/45.
Papers relating to possible tonnage reductions, 1867-1869: D1180/4/44. 
Papers relating to a dispute with the Thames & Severn Canal Co over the division of tolls between the two companies, 1875-1882: D1180/6/16.

Government Regulation
Classification of goods and wharfage charges under the Railway & Canal Traffic Act 1888 (printed), 1894: D1180/4/51.
Papers relating to increased tolls under the Transport Act 1919, 1920: D1180/4/47.
Letter from the Canal Association proposing a private Bill to levy rates and charges under the Transport Act 1919, 1930: D1180/5/5a.


Vessels and Owners

Documents held at Gloucestershire Archives - for more details, see their online catalogue.

Vessel Owners and Crews
41 Tonnage Books recording vessels, owners, cargoes and tonnage paid, 1776-1923: D1180/4/1-41.
Case against John Wild concerning the delivery of coal, 1781: D1180/6/5.
Dispute about the ownership of sacks of malt, 1811: D1180/6/8.
Letter of attorney authorising collection of a payment for coal, 1831: D1180/2/76.
Papers relating to frauds in tonnages by captain James Nurse and owner John George, [1832]: D1180/6/12.
Response to a complaint about a boat delayed at Wallbridge, 1875: D1180/9/31.

Twenty eight individual bye-laws sealed by the Company to be observed by vessel owners and crews, 1778-1872: D1180/7/2. 
Printed list of bye-laws authorised up to 1845: D1180/7/3.
Papers relating to bye-laws made under the Explosives Act 1875, D1180/7/4.
Printed list of bye-laws including those made under the Explosives Act 1875, D1180/7/1.
Printed list of bye-laws as sent to the Board of Trade in 1889: D1180/7/5.
Printed list of revised bye-laws agreed with the Board of trade in 1905: D1180/7/6.

Details of the Bye-Laws together with comparisons between various sets and a listing of fines for their infringement can be found in the section on Bye Laws and Fines.


Water Management

Documents held at Gloucestershire Archives - for more details, see their online catalogue.

Relations with Mill Owners
Papers concerning the opposition of mill owners fearing loss of water to power their mills, 1729-89: D1180/5/1.
Papers and Counsel's opinion concerning damages claimed by mill owners, 1819: D1180/6/10; D1180/6/13 p23.
Report and Counsel's opinion concerning taking water from the River Frome at Ebley, 1841: D1180/9/28; D1180/6/13 p117.
Statement of Company's right to take water from the River Frome at Lodgemore, [1865]: D1180/6/15.

Carrying Water from the River Frome to the Gloucester & Berkeley Canal
Plans relating to a proposal for a means of feeding the canal from the Frome, 1831: D1180/10/7, 14.
Letters and papers concerning the proposal to feed the canal from the Frome, 1831-1837: D1180/5/25; D1180/9/30.
Printed Act to authorise the Gloucester & Berkeley Canal Co taking water from the River Frome, 1834: D1180/5/26.
Plan for larger settling tanks at Whitninster, 1897: D1180/10/12.

Other Structures
Plan of the aqueduct and stream near Lockham Bridge, 1843: D1180/10/4.
Specification and tenders for building a weir near Ebley Mill, 1850: D1180/9/21.
Plan, section and elevation of a culvert, [1861]: D1180/10/16.
Plans showing the culverts carrying water to Lodgemore Mills, 1776, 1871, 1897: D1180/10/10, D1180/9/50.
Plan and section of proposed flood weir at Dudbridge Top Lock, 1890: D1180/10/24.
Plan of settling tanks for water supply at Dudbridge Mills, 1896: D1180/10/43.


Working with the Thames & Severn Canal Co

Documents held at Gloucestershire Archives - for more details, see their online catalogue.

Early Records
Petitions and Acts about building the Thames & Severn Canal, 1783: D1180/5/6-8.
Agreements about initial tolls, 1783: D1180/4/43.
Plan of the canal, 1783: D1180/10/25.
Plan showing the location of Brimscombe Bridge and Wharf, [19thC]: D1180/10/26.
Plans and sections of the Stroudwater and Thames & Severn Canals, various dates: D1180/10/27-31.
Rates of tonnage on the Thames & Severn Canal and table of distances, 1866: D1180/5/31a. 

Later Disputes
Opposition to replacing the canal with a railway, 1866: D1180/5/9-11.
Dispute about the condition of the Thames & Severn Canal and the division of tolls with the Stroudwater Company, 1874-86:  D1180/6/16; D1180/5/12-17; D1180/2/78; D1180/9/28; D1180/Acc11549/Box1/10.
Opposition to the closure of the Thames & Severn Canal east of Chalford, 1893-94: D1180/5/15-23.

New Management
Management by the Thames & Severn Canal Trust, 1895-97: D1180/5/22; D1180/8/8.
Management by Gloucestershire County Council, 1900-31: D1180/5/23; D1180/9/32.


Working with Other Organisations

Documents held at Gloucestershire Archives - for more details, see their online catalogue.

Gloucester & Berkeley Canal Company
Early Acts of Parliament, 1793-1825: D1180/5/24.
Forming the junction with the Stroudwater Canal, 1818-26: D1180/9/29; D1180/10/5-6.
Counsel’s Opinion re exchange of land at Saul Junction, 1841: D1180/13 p117. 
Exchange of land at Saul Junction completed, 1861: D1180/8/13.
Later Acts of Parliament, 1847-79: D1180/5/12, 26, 27, 29.
Plan of G&B and Worcester & Birmingham Canals, 1874: D1180/10/32. 
For suppy of water from the River Frome, see Water Management.

Local Railway Companies
Plans and opposition to the proposed Framilode to Brimscombe tramroad, 1825: D1180/5/35; D1180/10/33, 34.
Plan of alterations to the towpath when building the Midland Railway Bridge at Stonehouse, 1842: D1180/10/44.
Plans, opposition and lawsuit relating to the Stonehouse & Nailsworth Railway, 1863-77: D1180/5/36; D1180/10/17, 35; D1180/2/77, 78; D1180/Acc10879/Box1/2
Plans and opposition to the branch from the Stonehouse & Nailsworth Railway to Stroud, 1878-82: D1180/5/38-41, 12; D1180/2/77.
Papers relating to the Severn Railway Bridge and its effect on river traffic, 1879-95: D1180/5/39-44; D1180/10/38.

Local Utilities
Acts, plans and papers relating to the Stroud Gas Light & Coke Co and the laying of gas pipes along the canal towpath, 1833-1939: D1180/8/11, 23; D1180/9/32; D1180/10/41-42.
Agreements with Stroud Water Co concerning the laying of water pipes over bridges, 1888-92: D1180/8/15-16.
Papers concerning wayleave agreements with utilities for pipes and cables to pass over or under the Company's property, 1895-1950: D1180/8/19, 21, 25.

Other Undertakings
The D1180 collection in Gloucestershire Archives also includes miscellaneous documents relating to the following undertakings:  
Canals: Abingdon, Basingstoke, Staffordshire & Worcestershire, Stourbridge, Trent & Mersey, Wiltshire & Berkshire, Worcester & Birmingham.
Railways: Severn & Wye, Severn Junction, Southampton.
Roads: Newnham Bridge, Stroud & Chalford Roads, Wallbridge to Rodborough.
Thames Conservancy.