Bye Laws and Fines

A set of rules for bargemen was published in the 1776 Act of Parliament. When the canal reached Bristol Road Wharf in 1777 a Board of Rules was erected there to inform bargemen and owners of the regulations in the Act of Parliament.

New Bye Laws were added as necessary, as recorded in the Minute Books of the Company (Bye Law changes 1782 to 1845). These were often printed for distribution to boat owners. One such printed version, printed in 1845, is recorded in D1180/7/3 Bye Laws.

The Bye Laws were printed in 1876 (see 1876 Bye Laws) and again in 1905 (see 1905 Bye Laws). A list of the Bye Law approval dates and equivalent numbers in 1876 and 1905 is available here.

A listing of the fines imposed according to the Bye Laws as recorded in the Minute and Letter Books of the Company can be found here.