Your Research

We encourage visitors to use this archive to research any topic(s) that interest them. If you feel that your research would be useful to others we would like you to submit digital documents in the form of Word Processor files, spreadsheets etc for our volunteer editors to consider for inclusion in the website.

When this facility has been set up, this page will contain details of the mechanism to implement this process.

We will also include details of how to communicate and share with others who have similar interests.

Benefits to the researcher:

Outreach to the public and wider research community can lead to unexpected new connections and new ideas that could stimulate your research.
Sharing your findings with the world directly brings attention and respect for your work.
The act of communicating itself helps to better organize thoughts, encourages creating better presentations of your work, and improves overall writing and oral presentation skills.
The public gain a better understanding of your work and therefore may be more likely to support research funding in the future.
It’s fun! Telling others about your work can be very personally gratifying.

Benefits to the public:

The public gains a personal connection with the people doing the research.
The public actually is interested in your work. The public is always fascinated by discovery, especially if involves an emotional connection to some aspect of their life. Never underestimate their caring and interest.


There are many ways researcher can communicate more directly with the public. These include writing a personal blog, updating their association or personal website to be less technical and more accessible, popular history forums and message boards.

from an article by Peter J Stogios