Online Studies

A selection of studies related to the Stroudwater Canal that are available on other websites.

Stroudwater canal features that were influenced by the construction and operation of the Gloucester & Sharpness Canal. Hugh Conway-Jones. GSIA Website, Project S01.

The impact of the Stroudwater Canal on the domestic and commercial life of Eastington. Stephen Mills. GSIA Website, Project S03.

The design, constuction and role of the World War 2 pillboxes along the Stroudwater Canal. Alan Strickland. GSIA Website, Project S04.

The Ford Brothers at Ryeford Mill in the third quarter of the nineteenth century. Peter Ford. GSIA Website, Project S13.

Stroudwater Canal Cranes: (Part One), by Ray Wilson. GSIA Website, Journal [1994] pp.57-62.

Stroudwater Canal Cranes: (Part Two) The Dudbridge Crane, by Ray Wilson. GSIA Website, Journal [1995] pp.21-25.

Coal Pen At Ryeford Stonehouse, Gloucestershire, by Joan Tucker. GSIA Website, Journal [2001] pp.30-33.

Coal And Steam - The Arrival of Steam Power in Stroud’s Woollen Mills, by Stephen Mills. GSIA Website, Journal [2004] pp.42-52.