July 2024: Tonnage Book 6 (1820-1822) and Tonnage Book 7 (1822-1824)
June 2024: Chris Shaw's spreadsheets and blogs detailing his omprehensive survey of the 1426  trees managed by Cotswold Canals Trust
May 2024: Dudbridge Bridge & Locks, detailing the history of the area adjacent to Dudbridge Bridge
April 2024: Pictures, with associated audio, showing local young people performing canalside as part of our Ghosthunters 2023 event.
March 2024: The history of the Ryeford Canal Cottages
February 2024: Tonnage book summaries for March in 18701875188018851890 & 1895.
January 2024: Stories about a Towpath Clash of Wills and John Stockbridge Remembering Dudbridge.
December 2023: The story of Annie Clark at the Victoria Tap Pub.
November 2023: A study of the use of the canal to bring Coal to Stroud Gasworks
October 2023: A heart-warming tale of how the Stroudwater Company treated the widow of a lock keeper in 1800.
September 2023: A story about William Staddon - Boat Boy and How Murder Lane got its name
August 2023: A summary of tonnage for March 1865
July 2023: An alphabetical listing of boat masters making multiple trips on the Stroudwater Navigation in 1845.
June 2023: Articles abour the supply of Water for Hoffmann's Factory and Building the Eastington Flight
May 2023: Information on the role of the Pettat family during the creation of the canal 
April 2023: Tonnage Book 5 and an analysis of trade on Gloucestershire Canals in the Napoleonic Era (1800-1819)
March 2023: Details of Heritage Sites between Ryeford and Wallbridge added, also for Framilode and Saul
February 2023: Details of Heritage Sites added to our Stonehouse page.
January 2023: Entries made in Tonnage Book 3 for 1813-1816, and a summary of tonnage for March 1850.
December 2022: Upgrade to integrate Heritage Site entries into Places - to be improved during the month
November 2022: Outgoing letters recorded in Letter Book 9/18  and Letter Book 9/19 between September 1941 and April 1953.
October 2022: Minutes of committee meetings from 1950-1954. including related letters and documents concerning the formal abandonment of navigation, as recorded in Minute Book 1/21.
September 2022: Searchable PDFs of the entries in Tonnage Book 2 for the years 1798-1813 completed.
August 2022: Pam Daw identifies the Framilode Lock Keepers and highlights their duties as recorded in the Company's minute books.
July 2022: Diana Crane reveals how two men dominated a boom in the salt trade on the Stroudwater Canal during the Napoleonic War in William Hill, William Jacob and the Salt Trade 1795-1808.
June 2022: Descriptions of Heritage Sites affected by ongoing work in the Phase 1b rebuilding of the Stroudwater Navigation, which will connect it with the Gloucester & Sharpness Canal, has been completed.
May 2022: Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals Local Studies Group present Stroudwater Navigation Archive with the Alan Ball Award for the Outstanding E-Local History Publication of 2020.
April 2022: Summary  of share transactions recorded in the company's minute books and share registers between 1774 and 1924, organized in date orderby share number and by purchaser's name
March 2022: A study of the rise in Metal transport through the Stroudwater Navigation in the 1790s and its causes.
February 2022: Descriptions of what there is to see around historic sites currently being restored for use at Whitminster Lock and Feeder, the Missing Channel and AqueductStonepits BridgeOccupation Bridge and Oil PipelineBristol Road Wharf and Lock, and Oldbury Brook and Spill Weir.
January 2022: 18th Century Canal Trade describing the goods carried on the canal from its early days in 1777 to the end of the 18th century as recorded in the Tonnage Books of the Stroudwater Navigation 
December 2021: Westfield Lock and BridgeDock Lock and Maintenance YardNewtown Lock and Bonds Mill and Gate House: Descriptions of what there is to see around these historic sites

November 2021: Pike Lock and Bridge: A description of what there is to see around this historic site

October 2021: Carpentry for Canal, Church and Theatre. Nick Brojer highlights a link between a canal builder and an old Stroud building.

September 2021: Choosing and Losing the Company Clerks. Diana Crane outlines the controversies associated with the comings and goings of the Stroudwater Company's clerks.

August 2021: Ebley Water Feeder, explaining how the canal obtained water from the River Frome at Ebley, and Bye Laws and Fines, providing details of the rules for boatmen and the fines imposed for their infringement

July 2021: A Short History of the Canal and Sinner or Scapegoat? The rise and fall of the Stroudwater Company's clerk Edward Hains.

June 2021: Who was Who, 1774-1779 listing the directors, subsciibers, promoters, contractors and workers involved in creating the Stroudwater Navigation as recorded in Minute Book 1.

May 2021: Enlargable interactive maps have been added to entries for Heritage Sites.

The search functionality has been considerably enhanced. The new AND-base search allows you to exclude specific words or terms, and to identify a start or end year for a search. Details of the enhanced functionality are given in Searching the Archive.

April 2021: Images of Tonnage books for  1776-1798 and 1798-1813 illustrate how trade from the Severn to Stroud inceased as the canal was being built, and also the effect of the opening of the Thames & Severn Canal as far as Brimscombe. The effect of tides, floods and droughts can be seen from the list of arrivals and departures of cagoes during these formative years.

A study of the role played by Withies by the Canal has been added to the Stories section of the webite.

The Commissioner's order book that report  meetings held by Commissioners appointed by Act of Parliament to adjudicate on disputes.

March 2021: Summaries of Purchase Ledgers for 1775-1802 and 1814-1823 that detail the costs of building and maintaining the canal.

January 2021: Vessels movements through Framilode Lock, January - September 1890

December 2020: Estimates and tenders for building and repairing the canal between 1775 and 1785 found in Letter Book 9/20 are now available online.

November 2020: A set of Maps and Plans of the Stroudwater Canal covering the period from 1776 to the Second World War is accessible through the Other Documents section of the Archives.

October 2020: Some samples of School Resources are now available through the Get Involved section.

September 2020: Thank you to the National Lottery Heritage Fund for their decision to grant £8.9 million to the Cotswold Canals Connected project in which we are a partner.